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Friday, December 12, 2008 7:21 PM

This website began with a Twitter account, @libertyrant, whose Twitter URL is here. Mr. Rant is a 65-year-old curmudgeon who doesn't suffer fools gladly, and who works in an undisclosed capacity within the vast American health care industry and lives somewhere west of the Missouri River. He ranked among the top 300 conservatives on Twitter when the website first appeared, although he considers himself a libertarian and not a conservative. Unlike conservatives, who, at least in Pennsylvania, cling to their guns and religion, Mr. Rant, who has spent a considerable amount of time in Pennsylvania, tends to cling to his wallet. As to guns, Mr. Rant won't say whether he owns one or not (or more than one), because he believes it is nobody's business but his own. However, Mr. Rant does believe that the Second Amendment to the US Constitution is one of the finest amendments ever made to that document, and he has no truck with the preposterous notion that the said amendment has anything to do with a militia.

Mr. Rant has long been a great fan of the Russian-born writer Ayn Rand and most of her ideas, but does not accept her view that all libertarians are whim-worshiping hippies, given that Mr. Rant considers himself a libertarian, but is no whim-worshiping hippie. Furthermore, Mr. Rant believes that Miss Rand was short-sighted in condemning Ronald Reagan and Bible-oriented conservatives as having no more political value than, say Trotsky or Bakunin. Mr. Rant does not read the Bible often, but he is a great fan of Isaiah 5:20.

Mr. Rant's first post to this weblog, Throw the Bums Out, serves as further introduction to the theme of his Internet presence.

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