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A Scalpel, a Machete, or a Stiletto?

April 10, 2011 12:49 PM

Barack Hussein Obama finally came out and announced an announcement about a budget to be produced by his "Democrat" party in due course, promising that when it comes out, it will reduce the deficit. Most notable about his announcement was (as usual) his high-blown sock-puppet rhetoric: the Obama budget would take “a scalpel, not a machete,” to government bloat, unlike the budget proposed by Republican Paul Ryan, which is the machete. If you are reading this, you probably feel nervous about scalpels in the hands of "Democrats," given that they succeeded in ramming through legislation about a year ago to hijack the entire health care industry. However, you would probably also share my concern that there will be no scalpels nor machetes if the "Democrats" have their way: what there will be is a stiletto plunged deep into the heart of the American economy, a death blow done in the name of the Old Left ("Smash the machinery of the bourgeois state" - Lenin) and/or the nihilism of the New Left, which says, in effect: "destroy it now, figure out what we leftists want rebuild later." I have been blogging about this leftist threat to our economy ever since I started "Impeach Them All" on December 12, 2008. Here are just a few of the things I have written:

http://impeach-them-all.org/Archive/KeepOnTruckin.html - dated December 13, 2008 addressed the "Democrat" war on trucks. This is timely because Rush Limbaugh and others quoted Obama a few days ago telling a citizen to "trade in" his truck for one that gets more miles per gallon. Limbaugh made the point about how out of touch Obama is with the day-to-day needs and economic circumstances of the ordinary American. I would like, now, to make the point that Obama is indeed in touch with Marxist ideology, which preaches socialism, as a system where any and all means of production are owned by the State or by some kind of utopian commune. Sure, trucks and SUV's are great for carrying your kids safely and picking up furniture, but trucks are also, and most importantly, a major means of industrial production. Imagine if the law required all trucks to be government-owned, and none in the possession of private citizens. Right now, that is not politically feasible, but it could be justified on environmental grounds if enough Obamas, Pelosis, and Reids, and their Soros-funded ilk continue to dominate American government.

http://impeach-them-all.org/Archive/WelcometoWeimar.html was published on December 18, 2008. It's also very timely because the cost of gasoline and food have gone up recently, again due to Obama policies, although he now wants to blame it on Muammar Gaddafi. Gasoline, as you will note, is what trucks run on, and Obama notoriously said in 2008 that he wanted its price to go up. However, the "Weimar" blogpost didn't just address inflation, but hyperinflation, a phenomenon where the savings and investments of private citizens are destroyed because the currency is destroyed. It happened in Germany and other parts of Europe and led to the Nazi takeover of Germany. Gold doesn't change in value very much, but the dollars that can buy it do change in value, as reflected by the fact that the dollar cost of an ounce of gold has reached an all-time high very recently.

And while we're on the topic of the US currency, once called the Almighty dollar, http://impeach-them-all.org/Archive/TheSackofRome.html was my response to the "Stimulus" (Porkulus, aka The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009) which was almost stopped in the Senate until Susan Collins of Maine, Queen of the RINOs, sold out her country. I was very emotional when that bit of treason took place, and I compared the $787 billion sellout as comparable to the first barbarian Sack of Rome. By the way, the $38 billion in "cuts" that GOP "moderates" are trumpeting as a great victory, accounts for only 4.82% of just the Porkulus" sellout alone, and there has been much more pillaging and looting since Porkulus.

I could go on, but my blood pressure is getting too high, just reading some of my old blogposts. Perhaps, on a slow blogging day, I might write "Stiletto, Part Two." Or perhaps not. Gotta stay healthy so my Obamacare death panel doesn't give me the old thumbs down because of my blood pressure.

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