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All about Oil after All?

March 28, 2011 3:21 PM

In a few hours, Barack Hussein Obama will be giving a speech about the triumph of his Libya policy. Reportedly he will be standing in front of a row of American flags at a US military training facility. A few days ago I wrote an opinion that Obama has defied his far-Left supporters, including Ralph Nader, by initiating a military operation against the Gaddafi regime in Libya. I stated that I believed he needed to appear to himself and his admirers as a hero. However, today on his 3-hour program, Rush Limbaugh articulated an alternative reason for Obama's Libya campaign.

The essence of Limbaugh's assertion is that Obama deployed US troops to protect the oil supply of Western Europe.

What is Obama's role in the world today? What do he and his "Democrat" party backers believe America's role should be in the world today? Do they believe that Western Europe is a force for good or evil? What do they believe about the role of oil and its sources in the world today? What about Libyan oil?

In attempting to answer the aforegoing questions, which, for me were generated by the Libya intervention and Limbaugh's assertion, I am again making educated guesses. Here is what I have come up with:

1. Obama sees his role in the world today as an important leader of the "International Community," which means the world in its entirety. What makes Obama important? The fact that he is Commander-in-Chief of the US armed forces, and that almost half of America's likely voters (Rasmussen Poll: today the number was 47%) approve of him at least "somewhat."

2. Obama's backers now appear to be divided on the role of the USA in the world. One leftist faction, who includes Ralph Nader, is outraged about the Libya intervention. These were the folks who screamed "no blood for oil" when Bush intervened in Iraq. Another leftist faction, those more loyal to Obama, appear to be happy with the way he is selectively applying American military power in the service of internationalism and the Left's perverted vision of "humanitarianism."

3. Western Europe is a work in progress, according to the Left. Largely brainwashed, Europeans have bought into "multiculturalism," including an alliance with Muslim fanatics against the Great and Little Satans, the USA and Israel. However, there is blowback and backlash in Europe, a movement to resist the Left, epitomized but not limited to Geert Wilders and the Danish cartoonists who lampooned the prophet Muhammad.

4. And what about oil: it is here we have drilled down to an intellectual gusher, so to speak. In my opinion, the Left, including the faction that backs Obama completely, views oil as a tool to defeat capitalism in general and the USA in particular. Other news, not obviously related to the Libya intervention, is that Obama wants to give money expropriated from American taxpayers to support the drilling efforts of a Brazilian company, Petrobras. Yes, a major Obama backer, George Soros, has invested heavily in Petrobras. Meanwhile, Obama and his "Democrats" have successfully blocked almost all US drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and elsewhere. The goal is obvious: bring America to its knees while supporting other, more "progressive" elements of the "International Community."

In other words, petroleum is merely a political tool in the hands of the Left. (That should be no surprise, because everything is a political tool in the hands of the Left.) Libyan oil, then is just another tool of the Left, which appears to be united on strategy (destroy capitalism and the US economy) and divided on tactics (use US military might in Libya, or don't.)

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