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America: An Obituary

November 29, 2011 7:24 PM

This blogpost was inspired by Mark Steyn's grim recap of our current situation this morning as substitute host on Rush Limbaugh's show. A second inspiration was Ayn Rand's landmark 1960 essay, "Conservatism, an Obituary." No, conservatism is not dead, and neither is America. Yet. Sometimes, however, I need to get all my pessimism about America's future out in one big blogpost, and this is it.

Obama has jumped the shark with his "tax, tax, tax" obsession and the putative opposition, Speaker of the House John Boehner is sending out tweets with the hashtag, #commonground. The primary/caucus polls indicate that we will have a choice between two RINOs to challenge Obama, one a soft-spoken RINO, the other a loudmouth RINO. The two candidates who might bring some reason to the debate, both conservatives (obituary, remember?) Bachmann and Santorum, are running very far behind. Although I consider myself a libertarian, Ron Paul is unqualified to stand up to Iran when (I said when, not if) Israel attacks their nuclear weapon facilities in order to survive. Sarah Palin has been nullified by the media as a candidate, and Herman Cain is reconsidering his media nullification.

Meanwhile a ragtag band of Tides Foundation-funded lunatics is hanging on in the urban centers they have "occupied." And that's just the beginning. Thanks to propagandist Howard Zinn and his ilk,  our schools from preschool through post-doc have been hijacked by leftists and are actively brainwashing the next few generations, who then can replace the Occupy mob as an even more irrational entity which our politicians will appease even more disgustingly.

Our Congress and its supercommittees (there will be others) will fail at stopping the hemorrhage of borrowed Chinese dollars and the euro will crash, followed, within time, by the dollar.

Yes, I'm in a pessimistic mood. There is one piece of good news, however: we will, with any luck, be able to watch America go to hell in a handbasket on YouTube until the electricity is shut off, Atlas-Shrugged style, forever.

OK. So how has this affected me, Libertyrant, personally? For one thing you may have noticed that I blog less often. There are two multi-part blogposts which I have not finished yet. I am discouraged. It feels, not so much that I am preaching to the choir, as tilting at windmills. Rasmussen tells us that around 44% of subjects polled still approve of Obama, "somewhat," and that is very bad news.

As the good ship America goes down, however, I am able to preserve a little bit of dignity. Why? I am not alone. There are great people out there, including my fellow mourner Mark Steyn. There are Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, and even Sean Hannity (though Sean has entirely too many Libs on his program.) When the great ship slips below the surface, these Captains America will go down with her. When the bubbles end, however, there will only remain the Religion of Peace, the People's Republic, assorted impoverished Progressives, and maybe (if the world is lucky) India. I like to believe that India can survive anything.

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