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Attacking American Women

Thursday, June 11, 2009 5:19 PM

During the Saddam Hussein regime in Iraq, rumors spread of "rape rooms" where women were raped for a variety of reasons. The most notorious rapes were perpetrated by Saddam's son Uday. In many instances, the women were raped in the presence of their husbands, fathers and brothers, letting them know they were powerless to do anything while "their" women were being abused.

Historically rape of women as humiliation of a male enemy is a tactic going back to the dawn of warfare. And now it's happening again: not necessarily rape, but abuse of women and humiliation of men who feel responsible for protecting the abused women.

An arbitrary starting point would be the Roxana Saberi incident. Miss Saberi, daughter of an Iranian-American father and a Japanese-born mother, was 1997's Miss North Dakota. Brilliant, daring, and entrepreneurial, she eventually opened a successful broadcast news agency in Iran. Targeted by the "revolutionary" Sharia regime in Iran, she had been involved with a Iranian filmmaker whose films were banned by the regime, and had made an obviously unforgivable trip from Iran to Israel. Convicted by the regime of espionage and buying alcohol, she was sentenced to 8 years. She would still be there but for the fact that the regime decided to free her under a suspended sentence, for reasons undisclosed, and she was released on May 11, 2009.

Next came Linda Ling, a Chinese-American journalist, and Euna Lee, a Korean-American videographer. Miss Ling is the younger sister of celebrity Lisa Ling, who used to be on The View, and worked for Oprah later. Miss Lee has a website. Taken prisoner while investigating events in China near the North Korean border, they were both sentenced to 12 years at hard labor. At the time I posted this to my blog, they are still in the North Korean hellhole.

During the past weeks, Kim Jong-Il, Communist thug dictator of North Korea, has been thumbing his nose at the rest of the world, conducting an underground test of a nuclear weapon and testing missiles that could deliver a nuclear warhead to South Korea, Japan, and parts of China. In my view, the imprisonment of Miss Ling and Miss Lee is intended just as much as the missiles to send a message to East Asia.

What is that message? In my view, it is a signal that the American nuclear umbrella is now a thing of the past. Pacifism-inclined President Obama appears at this time not only unable and unwilling to protect South Korea, Japan, and China, it seems he cannot even protect American women traveling too close to the dictatorial "progressive" regime of Kim Jong-Il. Obama's predictable response to the challenge was to turf the whole thing to the notoriously and laughably impotent UN.

The behavior of Kim and the Iranian mullahs seems to have triggered a series of outlandish copycat events by "progressives" in the USA. A nonentity named Guy V. Cimbalo posted a vicious smear on ten outspoken pro-liberty American women: Michelle Malkin, Megyn Kelly, Mary Katherine Ham, Amanda Carpenter, Elisabeth Hasselbach, Dana Perino, Laura Ingraham, Pamela Geller, (Congresswoman) Michele Bachman, and Peggy Noonan.

Mr. Cimbalo doesn't have a rape room yet but he made use of the Playboy forum to post his "humorous" attack on American women. His stated goal (I refuse to censor the language and insist on quoting him directly):

"[T]here is a way to reach across the aisle without letting principles fall by the wayside. We speak, naturally, of the hate fuck. We despise everything these woman stand for, but goddamit, they're hot."

Playboy removed the posting from their forum website; and AOL/Time Warner tried furiously and unsuccessfully to bury the story.

In this case, the ten women don't need to be rescued by American men; they are perfectly capable of defending themselves. I am completely confident that they will, and Cimbalo, AOL/Time-Warner, and their "progressive" supporters will end up deeply regretting the attacks.

Cimbalo, meanwhile, skulked back to Twitter. But then, something else happened.

David Letterman, a long-time late night TV talk show host, Indiana racing enthusiast, and second-rate comedian, decided to attack the Governor of Alaska, the feisty Sarah Palin, who was Senator John McCain's pick for the Vice Presidential candidacy. Letterman called Palin's appearance "slutty," and told a "joke" about Palin's fourteen-year daughter being impregnated by a baseball star at a Yankees game.

I fear that President Barack Hussein Obama, by his near-silence about all four incidents, and his half-hearted and ineffectual bureaucratic reaction to the nuclear threats by Korea and Iran, has put out a message which was not lost on Cimbalo and Lettermen: it is now open season on American women.

Like hell it is.

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