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Bogus Diplomacy

October 10, 2009 10:55 AM

I am writing this the day after the announcement that Barack Hussein Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, but what I have to say here will be worth repeating and linking far into the future of the Obama presidency, a future which I am hoping will be mercifully short. Reaction to the award has been noisily controversial with opinions ranging from "well-deserved" to "undeserved" to "the Nobel Peace Prize, having been awarded to Stalin and Hitler, is a joke." One theme that runs through the controversy, however, is that the prize was awarded for Obama's diplomacy. Insofar as Obama was elected to represent all the citizens of the USA, I view the history of Obama's diplomacy as totally bogus.

Diplomacy is the art and craft of negotiation as applied to politics. In the case of American diplomacy, it is the art and craft of negotiation in order to represent the best interests of America's citizens, the President's employer, to the world. Obama has not only failed miserably in that regard, he has failed deliberately, because he has another agenda. That agenda is the agenda of the "Progressives" in Congress (and their outside backers, including the notorious George Soros) which is the agenda of what used to be called the New Left, which is the agenda of what used to be called the Communist Third International. That agenda is to destroy the role of the USA as a world power, and to diminish the sovereignty of the USA until it can no longer act in the best interest of its citizens, but must kow-tow to and beg for support from other nations.

The United States fought a war of revolution against the British Crown explicitly so that they would not have to follow their destiny at the pleasure of Europeans. Barack Hussein Obama is not only attempting to nullify that revolution, putting America's destiny in the hands of Europeans, he is inviting the thugs, despots, and dictators of the world, including the hordes of Muslims who are living in and intimidating traditional Europe, to join the gang who are to dictate what America and Americans may and may not do. Make no mistake, Obama might succeed at doing just that.

Among the many Internet communications about the Obama Nobel Prize award, this one was posted by an obscure writer for the Daily Kos website. Read it. It's all there: why Obama got the award, why his backers gave him the award, what his backers want him to do, and what he intends to do.

Bear in mind that Obama believes he is representing the best interests of American citizens by pursuing this course of destruction. He believes it because his ideology is one of a dictatorship over all citizens, a dictatorship imposed on them for their own good. (A small and early example of what is to come: People "need" health insurance. If they refuse to pay for it, fine them, and if they continue to resist, put them in prison.)

But the fact that Obama believes in his "Progressive" New Left agenda does not validate his diplomacy (for what he has done, I refer you, again, to the Daily Kos article.) He is the elected representative of all American citizens, and except for the small minority who are genuine New Leftists, American citizens do not want Obama's kind of diplomacy.

They don't want it because it's bogus.

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