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Can Our Schools be Saved?

April 24, 2011 6:59 PM

Lenin famously said that the capitalists would sell the Bolsheviks the rope with which to hang them. Even Lenin underestimated the folly of the “pragmatists” in the world of business and the anti-intellectualism of American society. The beneficiaries of capitalism are not merely selling the means of destruction of the only political system which recognizes individual rights. They are buying the rope with which to hang capitalism, and not at bargain prices, either. That rope is called “College.”

It has become part of established American values that every child must go to college. Successful people who have never gone to college, or have dropped out, are regarded with suspicion, and with derision by “liberal” pundits. (One such person is Rush Limbaugh.) For this reason, college has become part of the master plan for the “Left” (Bolsheviks, or neo-Bolsheviks, or neo-Communists, or “Progressives”) to hijack the USA and turn it into their vision of utopia. The Left started by hijacking the colleges (read on), but in addition it has fomented massive inflation in the cost for parents to send their children to college, and (as part of the Obamacare legislation!) hijacked the lending mechanism for “financial aid,” thus turning almost all future students into indentured servants of the all-powerful State.

Another item on my leftist laundry list is that it has hijacked, through the federal Department of Education, primary and secondary schools, turning them into warm-fuzzy versions of the “re-education camps” used by Chinese, Vietnamese, and North Korean Communists. Perhaps your local elementary school, about which you might be attending PTA meetings this very week, actually functions as a pre-education camp, prepping your son or daughter all about global warming and the evils of Corporate America.

The policy of president Lyndon Baines Johnson, allowing graduate students pursuing PhD degrees permanent deferment or exemptions from military service, played a large role in Leftist hijacking. There was a theory behind it, about which I wrote in my blogpost, “Tony G’s Color War.” Many of those grad students became “cadres” of the Left: the equivalent of professional revolutionaries for the New Left. Hillary Rodham Clinton herself wrote her senior thesis on Saul Alinsky, who was obviously a great inspiration to her.

When I went to college, graduating in the early 1960’s, there were small groups of left-wing students who were organizing action groups and holding meetings, but they were viewed as a colorful and somewhat quaint minority. Both of my children (now adults) attended college in the 1990’s, and as a result, they have been brainwashed. For example, one recently labeled the shocking increase in tuition charges for state universities, enacted entirely by the government, as “privatization.”

Which brings me to the title of this blogpost, Can Our Schools be Saved? Frankly, I am not sure. A few alternative institutions exist at this time. There is home-schooling for primary and secondary education. There are a sprinkling of pro-Constitution universities such as Hillsdale College. The tenured faculties of almost all universities tend to be mostly former 1960’s radicals (good example: Bill Ayers, a professor of education!) The administrators of the universities have become dependent on government funding, which is why Hillsdale College refuses to accept it.

Most pro-Constitution activism is oriented to taking back the government, which requires taking back the Republican Party first, but some activism is directed towards taking back our schools. In that regard, David Horowitz, is pre-eminent. He was raised by two Stalinist parents and was a leftist himself until a woman friend was assassinated by Black Panthers in the name of revolution. Since then he has been a tireless advocate for American values, including what I call the Three C’s.

David Horowitz has founded a think tank, and an informational website which is probably the best place to do research on the Left, with the possible exception of Wikipedia. He also co-founded FrontPage Magazine and its spin-off, NewsReal Blog, whose links I retweet almost on a daily basis, and on which David publishes his own political blog.

David Horowitz has dedicated his life to taking back our schools. If we should succeed, it would be largely due to his efforts. I strongly recommend frequent visits to the websites linked in the previous paragraph. I am also posting a link here to a PDF he has written, available in printed pamphlet for a small fee, which, better than anything I have read, exposes the ideology and political objectives of Barack Hussein Obama. In my opinion, it definitively answers two questions often asked by friends of the Constitution: 1. Why does Obama lie so much, and 2. Is Obama destroying the US (and the world) economy deliberately, or accidentally? That PDF can be accessed here.

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