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Communism's Hail Mary Play

March 18, 2010 4:57 PM

In US football, a "Hail Mary" play is one made in desperation against great odds for the purpose of snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. In my opinion, the shenanigans going on right now in Congress to ram through health care "reform" are the final Hail Mary Play for the movement once known as Bolshevism and then, for most of the 20th century, the Communist Third International. The names have been changed but a Communist is still a Communist; a little history first:

In 1903, a faction of Russian revolutionaries called the Mensheviks opposed Lenin's sweeping plan to overthrow the Russian government of the time. The Mensheviks were essentially "big tent" moderates, and Lenin's gang, the Bolsheviks, were the radicals. Bolshevik, by the way, meant the majority faction, although the Bolsheviks did not have a consistent majority. (These guys lie a lot. They always have.) By 1917, the Bolsheviks won and, after a civil war, took over the Russian Empire, which became the Soviet Union in 1922.

In the USA there was an American Socialist Party which was the mainstream of American socialism at the time of the Russian civil war. Though a Marxist party, it was mainly a labor rights advocate and ran candidates for public office within the American system created by the Founders. Bolshevik supporters infiltrated and tried to take over the party and were expelled in 1919 as, what we would call now on the Internet, trolls. The expelled Bolsheviks created their own party, which, after several name changes, became the Communist Party of the USA (CPUSA.)

The CPUSA functioned essentially as an overseas branch of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. American Communists had to obey Moscow's orders, and on some occasions, ordered to go to the USSR where they were re-educated, and if not educable, executed. The CPUSA of the 20th Century is well-documented in a book called "Masters of Deceit," authored on behalf the FBI under the name of their director, J. Edgar Hoover. I heartily recommend this book to anyone concerned about Obama's influence on the USA.

While the Russians were revolting another movement was taking place in the USA: calling themselves "Progressives," bipartisan (Republican and Democrat) socialists were quietly implementing their policies in the US Congress and executive branch. Less confrontational than the American Socialist Party and the CPUSA, these "Progressives" managed to get a lot of their agenda into law. The first President Roosevelt (Theodore) was a "Progressive," as was Woodrow Wilson, though Roosevelt was a Republican and Wilson a Democrat. Herbert Hoover was a Republican "Progressive," and although the Left loves to blame him for the Great Depression, it was his "Progressive" policies and not any kind of advocacy of laissez-faire capitalism that screwed up the economy.

The fortunes of the Communists rose throughout World War Two when the USSR was a US ally, but began to crash and burn when the Cold War brought a wave of anti-Communist sentiment among Americans. This was the so-called McCarthy era when government agencies cracked down on the Communists, who after all were agents of a foreign power, the USSR.

In 1968, there was a world-wide convulsion of student radicalism. The young American radicals, many of whom are now the power brokers of the "Democrat" Party, had problems with the CPUSA and created a "New" Left, old Communist wine in new bottles. Having learned from the "Progressives" that "creeping" socialism was easer to implement than the galloping variety, they created a bouquet of new Communist movements, including the "environmental" movement, the advocacy of homosexuality and feminism, and the "hippie" attack on reason and hard work. These were much more appealing to youth than the "fossils" of the CPUSA. Also, the New Left began to call themselves "Progressives" like the previous generations of advocates of creeping socialism, and today they are represented in the US Congress as the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

Whereas the Old Left and Soviet Communists mainly advocated industrial production and creation of material goods, the New Leftists tended to advocate destructive rage and attacks on technology. An attitude grew that the way to make a Communist revolution was to destroy the material success of capitalism, and then just lay back and see what happens.

By the time Ronald Reagan called upon the Communist Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall, the Communists had definitively lost the battle for world domination. They only controlled pathetic backwaters such as North Korea and Cuba (pathetic only due to their policies, because Koreans and Cubans have been very successful under capitalism.) The Communists needed outside support and couldn't do any better that militant Islamists, to whom they are now pandering. That is also pathetic, but seriously aided and abetted by the mainstream media.

Fast forward to 2010. Obama, the last of the great Communist "heroes" has to obscure the fact that he is a socialist, has to couch his entire agenda in phony capitalistic jargon ("investment," "fiscally responsible," etc.) and even so a majority of Americans have grown weary of him and angry at his destructive policies.

Obama, however, is still the President of the United States, and the Congressional Progressive Caucus still controls Congress. Republican "Progressives" such as Lindsey "Wise Latina" Graham have weakened the GOP and sapped the party leaders' desire to be advocates for the people. That is where the Hail Mary Play comes in:

The Communists (who now call themselves "Progressives") are calculating that if they can get any kind of "health care reform" (nationalization of the health insurance industry) signed into law by Obama they have a chance for making a comeback. The are counting on some members of the Republican Party, who, since the "Progressive" Theodore Roosevelt, have aided and abetted their socialist agenda. At this point in time, the Communists are depending on one of two things, or both, should their Hail Mary Play succeed: 1. The Republicans will passively accept "health care reform" after an ineffective token fight, and/or 2. The Republicans will drive away enough of the American people to split the anti-Communist movement allowing Obama to be reelected to a second term.

In other words, the Communists, while trying to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat with their Hail Mary Play, are counting on one thing, and the only thing left, that the Republicans, true to their historical track record, will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Will that happen? We don't know yet.

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