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Impeach Barack Obama

March 12, 2010 4:19 PM

Finally. The time has come. I can write those three magic words: Impeach. Barack. Obama. When I started this blog I naturally imagined that I might be calling specifically for Obama's impeachment some day, but I thought then that the time would actually never come. Obama seemed too slick, too devious, and too popular. Now, however, he has handed this nation the grounds for his impeachment on a silver platter: in his haste to created a monument to himself, a Pharaoh's pyramid, as I have written, he has violated his oath to uphold the Constitution, and he has made statements and taken actions, repeatedly and consistently, not just to ignore or bypass the Constitution as most politicians do one time or another, but to subvert our founding document and the fundamental law of the land. Never, in my opinion, and I am sure there are historians who share it, has there been a higher crime or a worse misdemeanor perpetrated by a President of the United States. Lying under oath to cover up a sex scandal is puny by comparison, and yet impeachment proceedings were begun on those grounds against President Clinton.

I never wanted to make a call for a President's impeachment that appeared extreme, merely rhetorical, or inflammatory. At this time, I believe that this blogpost and its title are none of the above. Of course the "Progressives," should they ever read this, will label it extremist. The only unknown factor is whether they would call it extremist before they call it racist, or vice versa.

I am not a lawyer and I will not attempt to make a legal interpretation of the grounds for impeachment. I am sure there are a lot of lawyers out there, and Constitutional scholars, capable of doing just that. Though I am not a lawyer, I am an American citizen (natural-born, should you want to ask) and it's crystal-clear to me just what Obama is doing and why the impeachment clause of the Constitution was written just for circumstances like that.

Obama's high crimes go far beyond merely wanting to create a bogus legal framework for passing the Senate health care "reform" bill. He clearly wants to, and intends to, demolish the separation of powers and the objective rule of law, creating a legal structure leading eventually to a total dictatorship. Of course, he cannot do this alone. His co-conspirators (and this is not hidden, it's all there in news articles and YouTube clips), in my view, are all of the members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. Should they be impeached too? Perhaps orange jumpsuits might be in order rather than just impeachment.

Now comes the big question: will Obama be impeached? In my opinion, not anytime soon. However, I do not believe it too early at this time to call for his impeachment, and I hope that other voices will soon join mine.

The Congress, in its current guise as the plaything of the Progressive Caucus, will never initiate impeachment proceedings against Obama, but if the "Democrat" party loses its majorities in both houses next November, impeachment would not then be impossible, just unlikely.

Why unlikely? Because elected Republicans are still "reaching across the aisle" and looking for compromise. Not all of them, but too many. However, I will give the GOP credit for standing firm and unanimous against the health care "reform" bill, assuming, of course, that a Susan Collins or an Anh Joseph Cao type will not betray the rest of the party at the last minute as they have done on other bills.

But, hey, I can dream. The Founding fathers dreamt too.

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