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Light at the end of the tunnel!

January 28, 2009 7:07 PM

The obscenity which I call the Megapork Bill passed the House of Representatives today. That was not a surprise, because the Democrats, behaving like a posse of mean juvenile diabetics running wild in a candy store, had enough votes to pass it without Republican support at all. And that is what happened. Reportedly there were no GOP votes in favor of the gargantuan (over $800 billion and counting) spending extravaganza, which is why I gave this blogpost the title of "light at the end of the tunnel." The Democrat Dark Ages are not quite here. Yet. And maybe there is a glimmer of hope that the Republican Party will continue to act as a genuine loyal opposition, loyal to the Constitution, but fiercely opposed to Democrat fiscal irresponsibility.

The bill that was rejected by every GOP Congressman was given the grandiose Orwellian title of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. And act is was indeed, an act of faith in Keynesian economics. Reinvestment? Hogwash. Investors, spooked by Obamanomics, have become quite cautious; and in Demspeak, "investment" is a code word for "spending" which does not come across well in political debates. Recovery? What is being recovered is the unlimited irresponsible spending sprees which existed before the Bush administration, who unfortunately had some spending sprees of their own. American? Central American, maybe, as in banana republic, but not North American.

However the mainstream media referred to the bill as the "stimulus package," or more precisely, "Obama's stimulus package." Putting Obama's name in there is important because criticism of the bill implies criticism of Obama, our first African-American President (East-African-American, to be precise.) And who would dare criticize Obama? We are soon going to find out.

So, yes, Republicans are starting to hang together, aware that they are at great risk of hanging separately, as suggested by Dick Morris, who called the Megapork Bill a "Trojan Horse." It's not just good news, but great news. Light at the end of the tunnel. And it gets even better: not only did all of the House Republicans reportedly vote against the Megapork Bill, eleven Democrats reportedly did too.

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