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Major Hasan's Path to Jihad

November 8, 2009 10:46 AM

Major Nidal Malik Hasan reportedly massacred twelve American military personnel and one civilian, and wounded 31 others. He appears to have done it in the name of jihad bis saif, armed struggle by the sword, according to the preaching of the militantly anti-Western Muslim Brotherhood, and its Palestinian offshoot, Hamas. There is no evidence that Major Hassan received any money, weapons, or training from the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, al-Qaeda, or Iran. Everything he needed to perpetrate his act of slaughter had been provided in the USA by government entities.* Major Hasan was born in Virginia, not in the Middle East! The "Progressive" mainstream media has tried to cover this up by calling his deed "posttraumatic stress disorder," but it was jihad, all jihad, and nothing but jihad. How could this have happened?

To understand Major Hasan, I searched the internet and found multiple websites which appeared to have reliable biographical information. Having pieced together a coherent story, I shall tell it from the beginning. The story begins a long time ago.

Historical Background: At the time that Jesus lived in Jerusalem, the Roman Empire ruled the region, called Judea, named for the Tribe of Judah. Its inhabitants were Judeans, who are now called Jews. Many years after Jesus' death, the Jews revolted against Rome and were defeated. The angry Romans destroyed Jerusalem and built a new town on the ruins. They renamed the whole area Palestine after the Philistines, who once had lived on the coast to the west. The fact that the Romans renamed Judea Palestine is an important one in Major Hasan's story.

Jews, some of whom had lived continuously in Palestine since their defeat by the Romans, returned to the region in the late 1800's, following which many Arabs also moved to the area. During the World War Two era, an Arab official, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, made a pact with Hitler to oppose and drum up murderous anger toward the Jews. A nephew (probably a distant nephew) of the Mufti, Yasser Arafat, organized an anti-Jewish movement called al-Fatah, which received funding and support from the Soviet Union's KGB. In the tradition of Soviet "wars of national liberation," al-Fatah began calling itself the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization). Yasser Arafat, whose organization pioneered aircraft hijackings, became a hero of Communists worldwide.

In Egypt, where Arafat was born, a militant organization called the Muslim Brotherhood began to preach jihad in the name of Islam. Later, when Egyptian President Sadat signed a peace treaty with Israel, Sadat was assassinated by the Muslim Brotherhood. Also later, the Muslim Brotherhood gave birth to a daughter organization called Hamas, a militant jihad group which now rules Gaza (the former home of the Philistines), and which has dedicated itself to the total destruction of the State of Israel, and the murder of the Jews.

Biographical Background: Hasan's Arab parents emigrated to the USA from the Middle-East, from Jordan according to press reports. If they were indeed from Jordan they had avoided a bloody death in a massacre ordered by Jordan's King Hussein, who in "Black September" of 1970 ordered mass killing of many of Yasser Arafat's Fatah followers who had fled Judea for Jordan and were stirring up trouble for the king. Judea is on the western bank of the Jordan river, and Jordan is on the eastern bank. (The politically correct Mainstream Media never calls Judea by its Jewish name, preferring to call it the West Bank.)

There are press reports that Major Hasan has relatives in the "West Bank", and that Major Hasan has repeatedly called himself a "Palestinian." However he wasn't born in the Palestine region at all, but (in 1985) in or near Roanoke, Virginia, where he went to elementary school.

Reports indicate that Hasan's parents, now deceased, were hard-working, classical immigrant Americans. They went into the restaurant business and eventually had a modest success running two restaurants. (You can imagine how busy they were when Nidal was a boy, and then they died.) There is no evidence that they were involved with any militant jihad groups. I would like to believe that they loved their new nation where they escaped the poverty and death of the Middle-East. They clearly wanted their gifted son Nidal Malik to succeed, and they must have been proud of him when he studied biochemistry at Virginia Tech, in preparation for medical school. Nidal Malik graduated two years before the notorious Virginia Tech massacre by the Korean student Cho.

I surmise that, like Cho, Nidal Malik was having an identity crisis. Who am I, he must have been asking himself. What am I doing here? What are my core values?

Nidal Malik found answers to his questions. He decided that he was not really like other Americans. He was a Palestinian and a Muslim. But not just any Muslim. He was the kind of Muslim who advocated jihad by the sword in the tradition of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas. And, in the tradition of Yasser Arafat, he was fighting a war of national liberation against the "imperialist" USA.

However, Nidal Malik had a problem. He had decided to go to medical school within the United States Armed Services. He trained at Walter Reed Army Institute of Medicine and then did special training in trauma psychiatry, an important specialty regarding injuries sustained by troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. He knew well the Army rules that every year of training had to be repaid with a year of service, and the therefore knew that he was to be in the Army for a long time.

By 2009, Nidal Malik Hasan had become a major assigned to Fort Hood, Texas. His promotions were based on his years in the Army, all of which up to now had been spent in medical school. His behavior raised eyebrows (allegedly he tried to convert patients to Islam) but in an Army where the Commander-in-Chief had gone to an Indonesian madrassa as a child, which Army officer would dare impugn Captain Hasan's promotion to major?

On November 5, 2009, Major Nidal Malik Hasan made a decision. He did not "snap." He did not succumb to "secondary posttraumatic stress disorder," a preposterous attempt at spin-doctoring by the "Progressive" media. He made a decision, and decided that the time had come to answer the call from Allah for jihad bis saif. He would start killing the troops of the imperialist Great Satan. And so he did. He was completely sincere, sincere about the kind of Islam preached by Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, and he followed the dictates of his conscience, his religion, and his God. Whether he will admit that that at his trial, or follow the advice of a defense lawyer, when he is ready for one, to plead insanity, remains to be seen.

What it all means: This leaves me with a question: why did a Major in the United States Army choose militant jihad in violation of his oath to the US Constitution? America had saved his parents from death and poverty in Palestine, and granted them success as Virginia small businessmen and restauranteurs. America had given Nidal Malik an elementary school education and a college degree in biochemistry. America had given him medical school, a residency, and superb training in trauma psychiatry, all expenses paid by the US taxpayer. Why did he not love America as we may presume his dead and wounded Army victims did? Did he not learn to love America in elementary school, where he presumably pledged allegiance to the flag every day? Did he not learn to love America in history class while a college student?

I cannot answer the school questions, but I have my suspicions. Public schools are well-known transmitters of anti-Americanism. I have, however, no names of teachers, no lesson plan documents, and so I have no proof.

Where we do have proof is the record of the Mainstream Media, in which anyone can and does read that Mahmoud Abbas, current leader of the late Yasser Arafat's Fatah is a great leader of the righteous Palestinian cause, Hamas is a defender of children from bombings by Israeli right-wing militarists, and any criticism or even reference to militant jihad is "Islamophobia."

Major Nidal Malik Hasan, United States Medical Corps, pulled the trigger, but he was sent into battle by the "Progressives" and their Anti-American Jihad.

\*Note: after writing this blogpost I learned that Maj. Hasan's murder weapon was not an Army-issued firearm but a Belgian-made Herstal FN 5.7 law enforcement weapon obtained legally by Major Hasan, with a Smith & Wesson revolver for backup.

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