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No Such Thing as a Socialist Forest

Wednesday, April 22, 2009 1:39 PM

Today is Earth Day, I'm told. If I overlook the fact that the "progressives" have done their best to hijack all discussion of our planet, our environment, and our use of energy (and that is not easy to overlook) a thorough understanding of our environment is important to the preservation of liberty, and vice versa. Therefore today is a good day to point out that "progressives" completely fail to understand how the human ecosystem works: the mechanism which Adam Smith called the invisible hand.

Both of our words "economy" and "ecological" are derived from the Greek word for house, oikos. An economy is fundamentally an ecosystem. Humans exchange money sometimes, or they barter goods and services for food. Nature provides for an exchange of nutrients. Organisms can cooperate, like termites and the wood-digesting microbes who live inside them, or they can compete for a place in the sun, or they can devour each other, but the whole ecosystem is regulated by the "balance of nature." Human economics is also regulated by a balance of nature.

Enter the socialist "progressive." He may propagandize about sustainablility and carbon footprints, but he actually hates the balance of nature, which in human economic terms is called the "free market." A socialist government bureaucrat could never create and run a business, as we know, but also he could never create or run a non-human ecosystem like a forest.

Imagine a square mile of bare soil upon which a socialist would try to grow a forest. The "progressive" would have to plow, plant the seeds of trees, shrubs, and herbs, add spores of fungi, insects, billions of soil microbes, thousands of species of worms, and provide the right amount of warmth and moisture. Could such a "progressive" ever grow a real forest or even a Christmas tree farm without the aid of the "invisible hand" of nature? Never. Never.

Yet the same "progressive" makes the preposterous claim that he can control the world economy or the USA economy by planning and regulating. Top-down, command and control dictatorship. He may add a the trappings of bogus "democracy" to disguise the dictatorship and fool the gullible, but it is still dictatorship. It will always fail, just as it always has failed.

The "progressive," who has hijacked most, or perhaps all, of his ideas, has also hijacked his plan for a regulated economy from the concept of a monotheistic god, creator and king of the universe. Before the "progressive" arrived on the political scene, kings believed they ruled by divine right, command and control from God on down. The "progressive" has decided he doesn't need a god at the top of the chain of command. He could be the god. "Progressives" have god complexes and messiah complexes. Readers of this blog do not need me to provide an example of such a "progressive."

So, you see, a "progressive" could never grow a forest or regulate a human ecosystem. In fact, it would be a very rare "progressive" who could even grow and maintain a hydroponic pot farm. Only the luckiest and most talented "progressive" could do that. Yet the White House and the US Congress are now being run by the most untalented "progressives."

Happy Earth Day.

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