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Obama Impeachment FAQ

March 26, 2011 7:06 PM

Frequently asked (or potential) questions concerning my call for the impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama as President of the united States of America:

1. Should Obama be impeached?

Yes. He, along with the "Democrat" Congress, has perpetrated enormous crimes against the Constitution, economy, and currency of the united States of America by deliberately driving the national debt to the danger point, causing massive unemployment through arbitrary and capricious hyper-regulation and taxation, intentionally and maliciously violating the individual rights of her citizens, and defying the will of the people by aiding and abetting legislation of an unconstitutional expropriation of the health care industry under cover of night and secrecy. These actions, in my opinion, meet Constitutional criteria for "high crimes and misdemeanors" qualifying for impeachment.

2. Will Obama be impeached before the election of November, 2012?


3. Are there substantial obstacles to the eventual impeachment of President Obama?

Yes, including lack of sufficient popular support (at this time) for impeachment. The Rasmussen Poll indicates that somewhere between 45% and 50% of "likely voters" still (at the time of this writing) approve "somewhat" of President Obama.

4. Does the impeachment of President Clinton for lying under oath affect the outcome of any attempt at impeachment of Obama?

Yes. The experience of the failed Clinton impeachment was a national trauma. Few politicians are likely to risk an impeachment action unless there is overwhelming support by the populace for an impeachment of Obama.

5. Given the low likelihood that Obama will ever be impeached, is a call for impeachment therefore futile, foolish, and distracting?

No. The Constitution provides for impeachment of a President for high crimes and misdemeanors, and Obama, in my opinion, has committed them knowingly, flagrantly, and with intention to deceive. The Constitution should not be ignored merely due to lack of popular support for enforcement of its provisions. A call for the impeachment of Obama is at the very least, a civics lesson for Americans and the world.

6. Is it possible that Obama might commit yet another act which generates overwhelming support for his impeachment, making possible an actual impeachment action by Congress?

Yes. Possible, but unlikely. We live in very strange times, and Obama is a very strange occupant of the White House.

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