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Sonia Zelayamayor

July 14, 2009 9:37 AM

Win a few, lose a few. Rome didn't decline and fall in a day. Latin American "progressives" suffered a setback during the last week or so when demagogue Manuel "Mel" Zelaya, after attempting to become President for Life in Honduras by staging an unconstitutional election in that country, was escorted out of Honduras by the military. At the time I am writing this he has not made it back into Honduras. Be that as it may, a Latin American "progressive," born and raised in New York, will soon become one of the nine justices of the Supreme Court of the United States. As I said, "win a few, lose a few."

I mentioned Latin American "progressives." Who did I mean by that? Well, let's start with Fidel Castro, who was recently lionized by New York "liberals," including Mike Wallace, Bernard Shaw, Dan Rather, Peter Jennings and Barbara Walters at Mort Zuckerman's 5th Avenue home, in celebration of 50 years of serfdom for the Cuban people. Then, of course, there is Hugo Chavez, who, unlike Zelaya, was able to become President for Life of Venezuela. Chavez, of course, along with Barack Hussein Obama, became an immediate champion of Zelaya, exploring the possibility of returning Zelaya to Honduras. What other Latin American "progressives" are there? Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, a founding member of Brazil's "Workers' Party" is the president of that nation until 2011. At least. Also on the list is José Miguel Insulza Salinas, Secretary General of the Organization of American States, nicknamed El Panzer. Recently Insulza tried unsuccessfully to escort Zelaya back to Honduras.

But, one such as Lindsay Graham might ask, am I not jumping to unreasonable conclusions about Sonia Sotomayor? Is she really Latina, and is she really "progressive?" And if she qualifies on both counts, is she really in the same league as Fidel Castro?

Let's start with the Latina thing. We'll all heard of her "wise Latina" reference, which she made multiple times in her public speeches. We know, then, that Miss Sotomayor considers herself a Latina. She was born in New York, however, so could she really be considered a Latin American? Sun Yat-Sen, first provisional president of the Republic of China, has a long-form Hawaiian birth certificate, so I guess he couldn't really have been Chinese, could he?

But is Sonia Sotomayor really a "progressive?" Forget that she was nominated to the court by Barack Hussein Obama, a fellow who lived down the block from Bill Ayers and attended the church of liberation theologian Jeremiah Wright for 20 years without actually knowing what Wright was preaching. There are those who consider Obama to be a fiscally responsible Hawaii-born Christian centrist. So perhaps Sotomayor does not want to legislate from the bench, promote racial preferences, or void the Second Amendment at state and county level. What do I know? I'm just a white male blogger. I'm not wise enough to refrain for writing what I'm writing here.

As an unwise white male, I might comment on one major difference between Fidel Castro and Sonia Sotomayor: Fidel never became one of the nine justices of the US Supreme Court.

So take heart, Mel. You can't go back to Honduras. For now. I understand why you might be feeling glum. Perhaps Obama can arrange for you and Sonia to have lunch sometime. She might cheer you up. The Bamster would like that, I'm sure.

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