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The Headless Serpent

March 10, 2011 6:51 PM

Observers of the current scene, if they are paying attention, must be marveling at the ferocity by which the self-styled "Left" is defending its agenda. It is not business as usual among politicians, with its typical "win-a-few, lose-a-few" attitude. The "Left" is determined to win at any cost. One example is its unremitting defense of "Obamacare," which was passed by Congress pre-loaded with $105 billion in future funding. Another is the fanatical zeal with which government unions are defending their policy of forcing workers to join, then extracting huge amounts of dues from them to fund the Democrat Party agenda. For anyone born after 1991, the ferocity of the "Left" must be surprising, but for old-timers like me, who grew up during the Cold War, it is not surprising at all.

During the Cold War, the "serpent" was the Soviet Union, a huge nation determined to "bury" capitalism, in the words of one of its strongmen, Nikita Khrushchev. He was the party boss who ordered nuclear missiles to be installed in Cuba, aimed at the USA. However, on December 12, 1991, the ruling body of the Soviet Union ratified a treaty dissolving that union. The "serpent," like any ordinary snake, thereby lost its head and was believed to be dead. But this was no ordinary serpent, for reasons I will describe:

The "revolutionary" entity that was the Soviet Union has its roots in Russian history, when Russia was ruled by czars determined to stamp out radicalism ruthlessly. The czarist secret police infiltrated every area of Russian society, and the radicals were forced to adopt certain policies in order to survive. One was called "Aesopian language," a manner of speaking or writing in which a spade is never called a spade, and anything that quacks like a duck is absolutely not a duck.

Another policy was a structural organization based on isolated "cells" whereby anyone tortured by the czarist police was genuinely ignorant of who was taking orders from whom. A third, which flourished under Soviet rule, was a tendency to change names, organizations, and geographic locations constantly, to provide a fast-moving target for investigators.

Finally, there was the level of zeal often called "quasi-religious," which went far beyond the zeal of the average contemporary Christian, Jew, or Muslim. (Al-Q'aeda Muslims, who learned from the Soviets, are an exception.)

As a result, the body of the Soviet serpent extended far into the political, economic, and social infrastructures of almost every nation on earth. When the Soviet union died on December 12, 1991, the body lived on. It now calls itself, not Communist, not Socialist, not radical, not totalitarian, but merely "the Left."

One need only observe the current President of the United States of America to discern the influence of the headless serpent. Yes, there is a Communist Party of the United States, CPUSA, which has a website, yet it is not the ruling party. The "Democrat" party, once a genuine "big tent" which tended to favor, not only do-gooder liberals, but whites-only unions, Southern segregationists, and, yes, a powerful US defense apparatus, has morphed into the new political designation of the serpent. No, it's not your father's or mother's "Democratic" Party. You can count on the fact that, when circumstances change, the name will change again.

Obama uses Aesopian language when he speaks of anything, leading to deceit of the gullible and confusion among the less-gullible. A "socialist"? Obama? The question is still being asked! All legislation passed by the headless serpent in the form of the Reid-Pelosi Congress was given an Aesopian name, such as "Health Care Reform" rather than "Obamacare" or (more honestly) "hijacking of the health care industry."

Obama is not a leader. He is a sock puppet for anonymous decision-makers, he is a manipulator of the levers of Executive Branch power, and he is a campaigner and an Alinskyite community organizer. After the death of Stalin, the Soviet bosses realized that a "cult of personality"could put the leader at risk. Obama does have a cult of personality, but he is not the true leader of the "Leftist" movement, or of the American nation. The "Left" probably sports many leaders, organized into committees, who call the shots, and these true leaders probably include the authors of the Obamacare legislation which was recently revealed to contain $105 billion in slush fund provisions seeded throughout the gargantuan bill.

Want to learn more about the headless serpent? I have a few recommendations: the website called discoverthenetworks.org ("networks" has an "s" at the end), and two old books from the Cold War era. One is "Masters of Deceit," published under the auspices of the FBI. Another is "The Moulding of the Communists" by Frank S. Meyer. I consider both of these books required reading for anyone who wants to understand Barack Hussein Obama, the usurper of the White House who is feverishly assisting in robbing America of whatever liberty is left.

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