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The Mother of All Battles

Monday, February 2, 2009 3:19 PM

I repeatedly ask myself why the battle against the Obamacrats has become so important to me. Why not just let it happen and focus my thoughts on other issues? Has the Phoenix-like rebirth of the Republican Party ever been a concern of mine in the past? Well, no. In fact, the only care I have at all about the Republican Party is its potential for stopping the Obamacrat juggernaut in the near or far future. But why can't I just accept the fact that the Obamacrats have won, they will be governing the US sphere of influence for a while, and it is time to start thinking about other things?

Here's why. The Obamacrats are really nothing new. They are just the latest chapter in a battle that has been going on since well before my birth during the midst of the Second World War. That epic battle, in my opinion, was the fundamental and the greatest theme of the Twentieth Century: the battle of Capitalism against Communism.

Mussolini repudiated the Italian Socialists, and the German Communists repudiated Hitler, and it would be a stretch to call Hitler and Mussolini Communists. Be that as it may, the regimes of Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot, Fidel Castro, and Kim Jong-Il are all characterized by three things:

  1. The crushing of the individual and of the individual spirit by the group.
  2. The moral premise that self-sacrifice for its own sake is the highest and only duty of every human being.
  3. The intellectual premise that logic, reason, and common sense are untrustworthy or downright evil, and that decisions are to be ruled by faith in a Party and sometimes a Leader.

The Obamacrats are merely a new phase in the battle that began with Lenin's interpretation of Marxism, and Lenin's attack on capitalism, not only the "free enterprise" version of capitalism, but the democratic "parliamentary" version of socialism (Social Democracy) which protects individual rights and promotes socialism via the ballot box.

Allthough Barack Hussein Obama was voted into office by a majority, I do not view his election as a victory for Social Democracy. Some of his supporters may have voted for him because they saw him as a socialist candidate. I believe, however that the vast majority of Obama's supporters voted him for other reasons, in spite of the claim by Republicans that Obama favored socialism and in light of clear denial by the Democrats that Obama was a socialist candidate. Obama, I believe, is a stealth socialist, and worse than that, he is a stealth Leninist.

Obama has a great tendency to contradict himself, to take diametrically opposed positions on the same issue, to promote himself as a quasi-conservative centrist (there was much of that in his January 20 inaugural speech), and to dance around questions about his ideology. The mainstream media (#msm) rarely focus in on such vagueness and contradictory statements. I have written about Obama as a "fuzzy" leftist. At this point in time, however, I no longer view Obama as fuzzy. He is a Marxist ideologue, quite certain in his ideology. He will say and do whatever he thinks he needs to amass political poiwer for himself and his Obamacrats, but I do not believe that he will ever emerge either as a centrist or as a mere opportunist like, say, Bill Clinton.

Obama supports, and is supported by the faction I call the Obamacrats, which includes his mentor Richard Daley of Chicago, his financial supporter George Soros, the power couple Bill and Hillary Clinton, and especially the Congressional power elite including Pelosi, Schumer, Rangel, and Reid. The "blue dog" conservative-leaning Democrats elected in 2006 are not in the inner Obamacrat circle, and may emerge sooner or later as opponents of the Obamacrats.

Obama cannot survive alone without the Obamacrats. The United States of America cannot survive as a capitalist nation in the long term if the Obamacrats are able to implement their legislative, executive, and ultimately judicial agenda. The United States of America needs capitalism to maintain its prosperity and its role as a beacon to the rest of the world. Perhaps the USA does not need the "pure" capitalism of utopian or ideological fantasy, but it needs capitalism nonetheless.

Is what I have just proposed a Communist conspiracy theory? No. It is not a conspiracy. It is a plan, a political movement, perhaps the most significant movement of the early 21st Century. It is not secret, although it is camouflaged. Obama has spoken repeatedly about change, and the change he and his Obamacrats want to bring to the United States of America is a victory in the Mother of All Battles. And the victory they seek is not a victory for capitalism.

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