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The Obscenity of Higher Taxes

April 19, 2011 8:33 PM

"Read My Lips." Thus began the promise that George Herbert Walker Bush, 41st President of the USA made to the electorate in 1988 when he promised that he opposed any new taxes. Essentially, he lied, and because of his lie, Bush 41, who was popular because of the Gulf War victory in Iraq, was not re-elected, ushering in the 8-year Clinton era. Will the Republican Party, still dominated by "moderates" like John Boehner and Lindsey Graham, make the same mistake again? Will they reach across the aisle to the Obamacrats and cave in to pressure to raise taxes? What follows are some serious reasons why they should not repeat Bush 41's grave mistake, no matter how intense the pressure from financial and "moderate" pundits.

1. There is nothing good to be gained from paying taxes. (To borrow one of Mark Levin's favorite phrases, "There, I've said it.") I must also add right here that I am not an advocate of refusing to pay your taxes or tax evasion of any kind. Staying out of jail is a good enough reason, perhaps the only one, to pay your taxes.

True, some tax funds might end up being spent to pay back the national debt or to fund some defense, entitlement, and social programs which might be deemed beneficial by an individual taxpayer. We all know, however, that most tax money is used for waste, abuse, fraud, and (even worse in my opinion) slush funds for "Democrats" (think ACORN and Planned Parenthood) who will spend more and raise taxes even higher on the next iteration.

Though some government functions need to be funded, the "Democrats" and RINOs have so corrupted the funding process that every dime paid for Federal taxes might as well be a dime down a rathole. Your tax contribution does not reduce the national debt, because it is guaranteed that the "Democrats" will outspend whatever is collected. If you personally want to fund NASA, or a weapons system, or a program targeted towards alleviating a specific social ill, you have absolutely no control over how it will be used.

If you doubt what I am saying about the absolute uselessness and worthlessness of paying your taxes, you could write a check right now made out to the United States Treasury in any amount of your choice and mail it to the IRS. If they send you a refund for tax overpayment, you can destroy the refund check. Go ahead. Make their day. My expectation, however, is you won't do that for the very reasons mentioned in the last paragraph.

2. A vote by Congress to raise taxes will most likely destroy the Republican Party. The "moderate" Republican hacks do not believe this, in fact they believe that "going along to get along" is the only way to save the GOP, based on history since Teddy Roosevelt and even before. In my opinion, they are wrong. Things are different now. What makes things different? There is a three-word answer: Barack Hussein Obama. The "Democrat" party, fully radicalized, Bolshevized as it were, has let the cat out of the bag.

There is now a critical mass of Americans who would no longer tolerate GOP "business" as usual. The Ross Perot phenomenon has run its course. Already many pro-Constitution Americans have given up on the Republican Party. It is of no consequence whether they pledge to a third party, be it Libertarian, American Independent, or whatever. Third party or no third party, if the pro-Constitution element leaves the GOP in disgust, they will leave behind an empty shell. A ghost town. That would leave our nation with one party-rule. That would be disastrous.

3. A Federal US tax increase would plunge the world economy into chaos. We have heard it all before: without a TARP bailout, the world economy would be plunged into chaos. Without a $787 billion "stimulus" bill, the world economy would be plunged into chaos. Now we are hearing from pundits that failure to raise the Debt Ceiling the world economy will be plunged into chaos. In my opinion, all three claims were (are) bunk, and the first two have been proven false. Why, then, would I make the claim that a tax increase would plunge the world economy into chaos?

I believe that there is no longer any wiggle room in the system. A tax increase would kill whatever weak developments towards an economic recovery which might have taken place. The threat by Standard and Poor to downgrade bond values is merely one piece of evidence. The US economy would go into a death spiral, followed by catastrophe in China, which holds all our debt, has a near-monopoly on manufacturing, and is threatened by a Jasmine Revolution of the very "proletariat" which is doing the manufacturing.

There is more evidence steadily emerging about the genuine economic threat of a tax increase. For example, Obama himself tacitly acknowledged that hazard when he agreed to defer the expiration of the so-called Bush Tax Cuts. He is now campaigning, Marxist as he his, for a "tax increase on the rich" to take place after his 2012 re-election, so that that very re-election is not threatened by the economic disaster that a tax increase would produce. The Wall Street Journal recently published an article debunking the Liberal pipe dream that taxing "the rich" would solve our economic woes.

Another very recent and timely acknowledgement about the economic threat of a tax increase came from the far-Left San Francisco Board of Supervisors, when they voted for a payroll tax exemption for Twitter to attract its new headquarters to the city where Nancy Pelosi's home district is located.

The whole economic house of cards reminds me of an old story about the penny-pinching farmer who decided to save money on feed by giving his horse a measured number of oat grains every single day. He carefully subtracted one oat from the feed allotment each day, until the horse was down to a mere handful of oats.

As the story ends, the farmer complains, "Just when I got him down to no oats at all, the damn horse dropped dead."

The American citizen has been losing his Government allotment of oats day by day on a regular basis, be it by taxation or regulation. Obama has already ratcheted up the regulation. Now Obama is campaigning to tax our remaining oats, and there is a good chance that the Republic "moderates" will go along to get along.

Will the poor old workhorse finally drop dead?

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