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The Scozzafava Scandal

November 6, 2009 7:07 PM

Some would like to say it's all over. In New York State's 23rd District, formerly a Republican stronghold, a candidate funded by the GOP and calling herself a Republican dropped out of the race after another candidate, a conservative, upset her by garnering a large, popular voter following. The dropout who was funded by the GOP, and by those who donated money to the GOP, then endorsed the "Democrat" candidate, who won the election by a narrow margin. (I now put quotes around the political party name "Democrat," because since the Tea Party movement sprang up, it has become clear that there is nothing democratic about a "Democrat.")

I say it's not over. I say it's just beginning. It say it's a scandal exposing the hacks that are running much of the Republican party. And I say that what is just beginning is that pro-Constitution, pro-dollar, pro-capitalism Americans are taking back the Republican party from those hacks, and from the appeasers and statists who have hijacked it. The goal, after taking back the GOP, is to take back the nation from the "Progressives" who have hijacked the 50 United States of America.

So who was the dropout candidate, and what were her political proclivities? As a reader of this weblog you probably know already that her name was Deirdre (Dede) Scozzafava and that her courageous conservative opponent was named Doug Hoffman. You may have also learned via the mainstream media that she favored gay marriage and abortions and therefore she merited the media title of "Republican moderate."

After a little googling, I found out some very interesting things about Ms. Scozzafava, who received $567,000 dollars from the Republican National Committee by the time this report appeared in The Hill. She probably had received considerably more from Republican donors by the time she endorsed the "Democrat" candidate.

What you may have not learned from the Mainstream Media (without a lot of in-depth searching) is that Scozzafava favored the notorious American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, aka the Obama Stimulus, aka Porkulus, aka the Generational Theft Act of 2009. (She was not in Congress when it was passed, having received the vote of her Republican predecessor, one John McHugh, who was duly rewarded by Obama by getting the post of Secretary of the Army with its hugely lucrative defense contracts.)

But wait, there's more. Scozzafava, if one digs around the Internet, has a reputation as a darling of the left-wing union leadership. It has been reported that she favors "card-check," a leftist union power-grab that would eliminate secret balloting for workers concerning union organizing or membership. She was also tied to ACORN, Obama's private shock troops, through her endorsement by an entity called the "Working Families Party." (Workers of the World, you know.)

Scozzafava's husband is reportedly a member of the United Auto Workers union, the very same union which received General Motors as a gift from Obama after the failing auto company was hijacked by the government because it was "too big to fail." Scozzafava's husband, however, is not a rank-and-file auto worker but a high-powered leftist labor organizer in his own right.

Is there more that we don't know about Scozzafava? Probably. Do we know enough already? We do.

So what's behind the mainstream media emphasis on her stance on gay marriage and abortion? This:

Judging by popular voting (California's Proposition 8 is an example) a majority of Americans probably oppose gay marriage licensing by the government. Nevertheless, there are many homosexual men and lesbian women who favor gay marriage but stand foursquare in favor of our Constitution, our currency the dollar, and the economic system of capitalism. Obama and the "Progressives" are vigorously fighting all three.

Gay independent voters who hear via the mainstream media that Scozzafava favors gay marriage, but are unaware of her other leftist leanings may view her as a compromise candidate who supports their interests. This does not imply that the RNC should favor gay marriage, but that it has a responsibility to educate the electorate and to reject leftist candidates, candidates like Dede Scozzafava, rather then dishing out large sums of contributors' money to put such candidates in congress.

The same logic applies regarding women voters why may have already had abortions after an unintended pregnancy. The RNC should not pander to such women by nominating leftist candidates who have earned the epithet RINO because they are indistinguishable from "Democrat" "Progressives." Again, the RNC has the responsibility to educate the electorate, not to pander to the pro-abortion movement. A woman who has had an abortion does not automatically want Cap and Trade, nationalized health care, and a one-world government, which is what she will get if she votes for RINOs.

I am not shocked by the mainstream media, because they are doing what they always do, which is to spread "Progressive" propaganda on behalf of the "Democrat" party. What does shock and outrage me is that the RNC party hacks will take money from donors and use it to put leftists into Congress, leftists like Scozzafava who endorse the "Democrat" candidate if they can't win a seat in the Capitol.

Hang your heads, RNC. Hang your heads in shame.

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