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Trafficking in Democrat Voters

Saturday, May 16, 2009 6:07 PM

The dirty little secret about labor practices in the USA is not actually a secret, and it is not little. It is just dirty. I am referring the almost universal policy of allowing illegal immigration, and maintaining a hodgepodge of doubtfully enforceable immigration laws which are selectively enforced. There are many reasons that this is being allowed to happen, including the favorite reason for employers great and small (including Cabinet appointees who hire illegal immigrant nannies): cheap labor to bypass the oppressive burden of goverment regulation and payroll taxation. This blogpost, however, is not about cheap labor, and it recommends no remedies to the immigration law mess. Instead it addresses one issue, an issue which I believe is rarely discussed in the mainstream media or even on talk shows: human trafficking to bring voters into US territory in order to create a permanent majority for the Democrat party.

No, I am not saying that Democrat operatives themselves actually drive trucks south of the Mexican border to bring in illegal voters, although if that were ever proven in a court of law I would not be too surprised. What I am saying is the the Democrat party does everything possible to facilitate, indeed, encourage illegal immigration and then bus the voters, already here, to the polls.

What's my evidence? Let's start with the Sanctuary Cities program, which is deep-rooted in large Democrat-run urban areas in blue states. The program asserts, quite openly, that it is opposed to the impartial, consistent, objective enforcement of immigration laws.

Then there's Motor Voter, a scheme where any adult can get an ID card and register to vote at the same time. The process is enforced by well-paid state bureaucrats who tend to be supporters of a particular political party. Guess which one.

Finally, there are the polls themselves. Does a registered voter have to present ID? Does he or she have to present a green card with a naturalization certificate, or a long-form birth certificate? Does he have to present any other evidence of being an American citizen? Where I live the answer is "no" to all three questions. In fact, readers of this blog know that a long-form birth certificate does not have to be presented in order to become President of the United States, let alone vote for that office.

But, hey, am I not exaggerating by using the term "trafficking?" That word is currently defined by the end goal of the trafficking, which does not include voting but does include sexual exploitation or peonage, a kind of slavery. The US State Department uses this as one of two definitions of "severe trafficking:" recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, or obtaining of a person for labor or services, through the use of force, fraud, or coercion for the purpose of subjection to involuntary servitude, peonage, debt bondage, or slavery.

A second government definition addresses trafficking for sexual purposes. I think the official US government definition should be broadened to a third category, and that is one reason I am writing this blogpost.

However, consider this: any illegal immigrant is at high risk for all kinds of exploitation, including peonage and sex slavery, because he or she could be caught and deported during the selective inforcement of the immigration laws. My concept of exploitation does not exclude cynical manipulation by politicians for personal and party gain.

The "progressive" movement is based on the idea of class struggle between the well-off middle class and the oppressed masses. Historically, Americans became middle class too fast to form a hard-core "proletariat" such as is found in other parts of the world. By encouraging illegal immigration with selective enforcement of the laws, the "progressives" are actually importing a "proletariat" who will support "progressive" candidates, which in today's world, means Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Barack Hussein Obama.

It would be reasonable to ask, so what? If Americans vote "progressives" into office, should be we not abide by the rules set up by the Founding Fathers? My answer to that is to point out that exploiting illegal immigrants as illicit voters is fraud. It is not "social democracy." It is not any kind of democracy. It is not constitutional, and it is not legal. It is fraud. The Constitution makes it clear who can vote legally and who can not. An illegal voter is not a voter. He or she is an accessory to a fraud against the American citizen and the rule of law.

Today's "progressives" like to style themselves as democrats. They have hijacked a political party whose name is the Democrats. Remember that not long ago there was a country in Eastern Europe called the German Democratic Republic. It was not German (it was a Soviet proxy), it was not democratic, and it was a dictatorship, not a republic. Today's Democrat party, by winning elections through voter fraud, is no more democratic than the thugs who ran the German Democratic Republic.

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