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Will GOP Snobbery Keep Obama in Power?

Friday, May 29, 2009 11:29 PM

This is not an easy topic to address, but after much thought I believe that it is necessary to address it. In a nutshell, it is my opinion that the "Progressive" propaganda machine has been enormously successful in exploiting snobbery among Republicans. As a result, and as we all know, the Republican Party is in a shambles. What kind of snobbery is being exploited? Primarily geographic, but racial snobbery is also involved. No, it's not the kind of racial snobbery that you'd expect "progressives" to whine about. It's a completely different kind of snobbery, but it's racial nonetheless. I'll give more detail after I describe the geographic snobbery. Read on…

The geographic snobbery comes in four flavors: coast vs. heartland, city vs. country, north vs. south, and lower 48 vs. Alaska. We fought a civil war over slavery, which was split along a north-south fracture line; and the city vs. country split has roots going back in American history too. The country and the city even have their own kinds of music, which still arouse strong passions pro and con.

The coast vs. heartland split may be of more recent origin, but it is very powerful, which is why "red states" tend to be in the heartland. One aspect of coast vs. heartland is that coastal dwellers of the lower 48 states tend to be more Europeanized, and the Democrat party has successful exploited that cultural difference.

Alaska is a special case, being a living example about what the vast Western frontier was like in the nineteenth century, and although its coastline is longer than any other state, its heritage is that of the Western wilderness heartland.

But what of the racial snobbery I mentioned above? "Progressives" would like the public to think that Republicans hate everybody who is not "white." The snobbery, in my opinion, is actually in the other direction. Let me explain:

As a starting point, I'll make the point that both Jews and Muslims call themselves "people of the book," and that doesn't just mean people who read. It means that historically, and in many instances, at present, Jews, Christians, and Muslims take scripture quite seriously. In America "people of the book" are mostly Christians and Jews, since there are relatively few Muslims.

I shall call such people "scriptural" people, and thereby distinguish them from secularized people, who may or may no be familiar with the scriptures of the three Abrahamic religions. (For the record, I was born and raised in a secularized Jewish family, one quite familiar with the Old Testament, but one which never looked to scripture for most answers to fundamental questions.)

So what's racial about that? Hang in there… You see, secularized people, especially those who live in the cities, the North, the lower 48 states, and/or the coastal USA, like to think of themselves as moderate, tolerant, and absolutely without a shred of racism. Nevertheless, they often share a certain contempt for scriptural people: in other words, snobbery.

These same moderate, tolerant secularized people are not likely to express open resentment of African-Americans, Catholic Hispanics, or perish forbid, Muslims, for taking their scripture "too" seriously. If they did, they might feel vulnerable to charges of racism. There is only one group who is totally exempt from secular moderation and tolerance: "white people" (people NOT "of color" in the jargon of the "progressives") who take their scripture seriously. In the culture of the secularized cities, North, lower 48, and coastal regions, it is open season for derision, disdain, and disrespect aimed at scriptural people who are not people of color. If you don't believe me, be sure to read this blogpost all the way to then end.

And that, you see, is the racial snobbery I mentioned above.

The "progressives" and the current Democrat party leadership exploit the geographic and racial snobbery using two powerful wedge issues: abortion and homosexuality. I prefer to label those wedge issues as follows: the born vs. the unborn, and the advocates of same-sex marriage vs. traditional marriage. I hope to write more about these divisive issues at another time.

How does the exploitation work? Because of these wedge issues, the urban, coastal, northern, lower 48 secularized Republicans (or swing voters) often prefer to side with radical Marxists, quasi-fascists, fiscal psychotics, and underminers and destroyers of the Constititution. They side with slick, deceitful ideologues actively demolishing a sound dollar and the rule of objective laws. Why? Snobbery.

Rather than allowing themselves to consider the possibility that scriptural Christians and Jews who live in the south, the heartland, the rural areas and Alaska might be the best allies against tyranny they could ever have, such Republican snobs prefer not to think of the tyranny to come and focus instead on their snobbish stereotypes and prejudices. They rationalize their snobbery by taking comfort in a belief that they are on the proper side of the two divisive wedge issues.

Not convinced? Then I will leave you with two words: Sarah Palin.

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