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America's Dark Night of the Soul

April 17, 2011 9:32 AM

Recently, after waking from a night of fitful sleep, or sometimes from a frank nightmare, as I become aware of my surroundings I slowly begin to remember that I am awakening to a nightmare usually worse that the one I was in while sleeping. Although I am generally an upbeat, optimistic person, from time to time I allow the full horror of America's current state of political economy to wash over me like a giant wave. This is one of those times. I am writing this, not to discourage or demoralize my readers, but to share with them the sheer horror of where we stand at this time in American history, a horror that they have undoubtedly also experienced. I have chosen five topics to exemplify that horror: 1. The insanity of the Tax the Rich theme, so recently repeated in the preachy voice of Barack Hussein Obama. 2. The vapidity and ineptness (or is it deliberate betrayal?) of the ruling Republican establishment. 3. The intellectual corruption of the American educational system, from preschool to grad school, which calls into question whether such corruption can ever be reversed. 4. The stability of the proportion of Americans who approve "somewhat" of Barack Hussein Obama, as reflected in various polls, and finally: 5. The banality of evil as represented by the character and utterances of Barack Hussein Obama himself, the community organizer who is hell-bent on destroying America, either deliberately, through ineptness, or both. 

1. Raise taxes on employers, aka The Rich. This policy, which is the crown jewel of the "Democrat" Party ideological plan, comes straight out of Marxism, via Marxism-Leninism (Bolshevism), the New Left nihilistic version of Bolshevism, and ultimately the watered-down version of Marxism-Leninism appropriated by FDR's New Deal, known for half a century under the hijacked name of "Liberalism." Its roots are buried deep in the Marxist idea of "class struggle" (Klassenkämpfen) which I wrote about here. Marxists can no more easily give up the idea of class struggle than Christians can give up the idea of Christ Jesus or Muslims can give up the idea of Muhammad the Messenger. That is why this folly of follies has become Obama's war cry for the 2012 re-election campaign. The problem is that the so-called rich (represented in propaganda messages as Big Business and corporations) are the employers within the private sector. Just the threat of tax increases will inhibit whatever plans for growth and expansion (meaning hiring) they  might have; actual tax increases would be worse. The end result: more unemployment, more economic stagnancy; and, combined with inflation, the dreaded "stagflation." Marxist ideology therefore is a recipe for financial decline. Even the Chinese Communists know that, which is why they have dialed it back and allowed crony capitalism to flourish.

2. The recent Republican sell-out of the November "Tea Party" victory. In my opinion, the main culprit here is intellectual vapidity of the Republican leadership. They just don't get it, because they assume that progress is whatever "Progressives" want, in other words, an advance of some sort of socialist agenda. The Constitution is automatically thrown under the bus. The difference between this "moderate" Republican leadership, heirs to the Rockefeller Republicanism of the 1960's, and the radical all-or-nothing full-speed-ahead "Democrats" is that the GOP "moderates" want their socialism to creep at a petty pace. They want to slow down, but not reverse, the "Democrat" agenda. In my opinion, the most stellar example of this intellectual vapidity is the way Speaker Boehner handled the continuing resolution debate. Other explanations have been given by pundits, for instance the desire of republicans to be loved inside the Beltway, and terror induced by the media backlash from the 1965 "government shutdown." These explanations may be accurate, but they sidestep the most depressing fact: GOP "moderates" tacitly agree with "Democrat" firebrands that the Constitution is an obsolete document.

3. The poisoning of young minds. Exceptions are few, for example, new laws governing textbooks in Texas. For the most part, following the ideological lead of the Italian Communist Antonio Gramsci, the Left has hijacked the US educational system from cradle to grave, and there is no evidence that the hijacking will be reversed. From preschool onward, American children do not learn how to develop their minds as individuals; the lessons learned are collectivism, sacrifice of personal goals for the environment and other sacred cows, and ultimately, a mystical belief that One-World Government will bring peace to the world, leaving behind the evil residue of Americanism: racism, corporate greed, and imperialist aggression. Although pro-Constitution talk show hosts and bloggers have addressed the Tax-the-Rich madness and the GOP sellout of the Tea Party, mention of the near hopeless state of American education is rare. I myself am wondering if the educational system can ever be rehabilitated, or if it it is time for a wholesale expansion of work-arounds, using the Internet, downloadable apps, etc. Is it too late to save US education?

4. The Fool Factor. I wrote about this on April Fool's Day: The percentage of Americans who approve "somewhat" of Barack Hussein Obama in polls is depressingly stable somewhere between 43% and 50%, with few fluctuations outside of that range. Does this represent a problem? Let me answer that with another question: if 45% of Americans approved "somewhat" of the Third Reich legacy, the Ku Klux Klan, or the use of mass murder to further the socialist cause in Cambodia during the Pol Pot regime, would that represent a problem?

5. The Charlatan-in-Chief. You know who I mean: a one-man No-Fly Zone for the American Spirit. Lies, damned lies, bogus statistics, and the Anointed One. Beelzebub better watch his back; his reputation as the Prince of Darkness is on the line. Only 50-57% of Americans know this, but you and I do. And yes, we are experiencing a dark night of the soul.

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