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Obama Releases Birth Certificate!

April 1, 2011 1:17 PM

Yes, it's true. Yes, the title of this blogpost is, "Obama Releases Birth Certificate!" But is it true that Obama has actually released the original birth certificate allegedly seen once upon a time by Hawaii officials? No. That's not true. Observe carefully: what is the date of today's blogpost. April 1, 2011, correct. April Fool's Day. April fool! However, since I am already on the subject of fools, I will devote the rest of this blogpost to other kind of fools, specifically, the reported 44% of likely American voters who approve "somewhat" of Barack Hussein Obama (The number fluctuates from day to day.)

Like the last ten pounds of a diet, that 44% number never seems to drop much lower. It's puzzling, so puzzling that I have made a list of categories of people who are likely to be in that 44% category.

1. Jews. Never mind that Obama's good buddy (until recently) Minister Louis Farrakhan disdains Jews (Zionists and other Jewish Israel supporters), and that Obama appears to be the most anti-Israel president in history: liberal Jews adore Obama, and most Jews are liberals. (There was even a book on that subject.) Yes, I too am a Jew, but I am not a self-hating kind of Jew, and that is why I don't approve of Obama, even "somewhat."

2. Poorly educated Black Americans. The vast preponderance of Black Americans are, unfortunately poorly educated, which should be no surprise, because they get their education in big-city public schools run by Democrats. An innocent, bright Black child in such a school is likely to learn to chant, "Mmm, mmm, mmm, Barack Hussein Obama," and much less likely to learn business arithmetic. When the same child gets older, then how likely is he to learn, in public school, the distinction between Keynesian and Austrian economics? You get the picture.

Even Libs admit that education of Black children is deficient; their solution, of course, is feeding more of other people's money into the Big Spending rathole.

In the context of the shameful betrayal of Black children by the "Democrat" Party, it is a miracle there are so many brilliant and famous Black American intellectuals, including Thomas Sowell, Larry Elder, Walter E. Williams, and Justice Clarence Thomas, whose minds by some miracle managed to survive being mangled in the US primary school system.

3. Couch potatoes. Watching TV takes less effort than seeking knowledge on the Internet, and such people are the targets of Mainstream Media brainwashing. Reading New York Times headlines only takes slightly more effort and somewhat more literacy.

4. New Deal Fetishists. The fact that FDR's "brain trust" extended the Great Depression by years, then sent most young males off to fight in World War II, has not diminished the quasi-religious awe of the "masses" during FDR's reign, nor their children and grandchildren who heard the legends from the "greatest generation."

5. White guilt trippers. Although this is number 5 on my list, it may actually be number one numerically. Whites who (in their heart of hearts) harbor bigoted thoughts about Black people, are prone to state on polls that they like Obama "somewhat," let they start thinking of themselves as racists, even if they are racemongers.

6. Welfare recipients, corporate welfare recipients, and government employees. (Duh.)

So there you have it, folks. That is why I am thinking of Aretha Franklin, one of America's greatest entertainers regardless of race. Specifically, I am thinking of a song she recorded back in 1964. I hereby dedicate this performance to Barack Hussein Obama, and his "Democrat" Party: "Guess You Must Be Running Out of Fools."

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