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Born Muslim, Part Two

August 20, 2010 7:31 PM

The United States of America are at war. Anyone who denies this is likely to be either a fool or a scoundrel. Being at war means that we have a foreign enemy, but our enemy is not a religion, the advocates of that religion, a book, or a military tactic. Call me old-fashioned if you like but I believe that the only possible enemy a nation can have is another nation. Shadowy saboteur corps like Al-Qa'eda cannot last for long without support from a nation-state.

During World War II our enemies included the nations of Japan and Germany. Today, our enemy is the nation of Iran, which was hijacked by a gang of thugs who call themselves "revolutionary" Muslim clerics. They are stirring up trouble everywhere in the name of Islam. Just as Germany and Japan had allies, Iran has allies: the thugs who run Gaza and Syria, North Korea, and Venezuela.

Just as the Nazis who hijacked Germany used propaganda, whose core ideology was laid out in Hitler's book "Mein Kampf," the gang of mullahs who hijacked Iran are claiming the Muslim holy book, the Qur'an, as the core of their ideology. They have chosen well, because there are quite a few passages in the Qur'an which can be exploited to justify their political goals, and the history of Islam has intermittently always been one of conquest, imperialism, and coercion. Nevertheless, if Iran's ruling mullahs were swallowed up in one gigantic earthquake, the foreign policy of the world, and the need for the USA to deal with Muslims, would be altered — somewhat.

Bearing in mind that radical Islamic militants are everywhere, we are not at war with Egypt, where the Muslim Brotherhood hatemongers historically flourished and still do; nor India or Indonesia, which are packed with Muslims; nor Morocco, Algeria, Qatar, Uzbekistan, or any other predominantly Muslim country. We are at war with Iran, because the mullahs who hijacked the great nation of Persia are making war on us. We are defending ourselves, although Imam Feisal Abdul-Rauf, leader of the Ground Zero Mosque initiative, wants to blame us as the aggressor. The war with Iran is not merely a "cold war;" agents of Iran have killed Americans in many parts of the world, especially Iraq.

What I have just written is extremely important, so I will repeat it: we are not at war with Islam, although the doctrine of that great religion urges war against us as infidels. We are not at war with a book, the Qur'an, although what much of that "holy" book says advocates obliteration of the US Constitution. We are not at war with babies whose parents are Muslims, nor the parents unless they are fighting us, having been taken in by anti-American propaganda. We are at war with Iran and their allies. But who are their allies?

Iran has many Muslim allies, whom I will mention, but first and foremost, Iran has a non-Muslim ally: the Bolsheviks. (I use that term in the broad sense, including both the Old Left and the New Left, but not socialists in general.) The Bolsheviks are supported by their "fellow-travelers," who are commonly known as "Liberals." The Bolsheviks have hijacked the "Democrat" political party in the USA, as well as some foreign nations including Venezuela, Cuba, and North Korea. The Bolsheviks consider themselves atheists and make it clear that they are not Muslims, although they make common cause with Iran. The Bolsheviks hate capitalist America and want to rule the world by force.

Here are some of the Muslim allies of Iran: Hamas, who rules Gaza; the Taliban, who once ruled Afghanistan before George W. Bush put a partial end to their rule, and who now intend to rule both Afghanistan and Pakistan; al-Fatah, a gang who now rules Judea and Samaria (the so-called "West Bank" of the Jordan river), and who is pretending to be pursuing a peace with Israel; Al-Qa'eda, an international Saudi underground movement once led by Osama bin Ladin, Syria, and the Hezbollah thugs who dominate if not rule Lebanon. Since all of these are allies of the mullahs of Iran, they are our enemies too, but they are our enemies not merely because they might have a thorough understanding of the Qur'an, but because they hate us and have declared war on us, if not in English, in Arabic. Turkey, another historically great nation, as Persia was, is in the process of being hijacked, but its military are secularist, nationalist, and apparently immune to arguments from the Qur'an. If Turkey flips completely, we might be in trouble.

We must also recognize that Iran, and all of its allies listed above, are spreading their vicious propaganda all over, and attempting to win over Europe's many Muslims and those in the USA, including that tragic American, Major Nidal Hasan. The Bolsheviks, though they disguise their presence and their intentions, are actively aiding and abetting these allies.

In Part Three I will detail who the Muslims of the world are, how many there are, what they think of the United States and capitalism, and in what way the vast majority of the world's Muslims could be allies of the USA, especially if we could ever get the Bolsheviks out of our hair.

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