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I've Had It with the Doom Talk

April 10, 2012 8:02 PM

Today was a bad day for those who want to preserve our constitutional republic. While Obama is acting more and more like a mad dog, Rick Santorum just dropped out of the race for the Republican nomination, seemingly leaving Mitt Romney the last man standing. In my opinion there is good reason to fear that Romney will be unable to get enough votes to beat Obama in November, but even if he does, there are worries that he will compromise too much with the far-left agenda. Where does that leave us? Doomed? I say, "Hell, no!"

I've had it with the doom talk. I know, I'm not without sin myself, having published a blogpost entitled, "America, an Obituary." But enough is enough, dammit. We all tried to get a candidate with the integrity and courage to stand up to Obama, his demagoguery, and his crazy socialist juggernaut. It is becoming clearer that we will probably have no such candidate, unless one of several miracles should happen: 1. Mitt would abandon his "Massachusetts moderate" persona and become a tiger for the Constitution, or 2. A "New, Improved Newt" will rise like a phoenix from the ashes of his campaign and lead us to victory, or 3. A brokered convention will result in a new, surprising and Reaganesque candidate. At this point I am not expecting any of the three miracles to happen. So: what am I expecting?

I am expecting Americans to act like Americans. This is the nation who survived Valley Forge, booted the British Crown out of a burning town of Washington during the War of 1812; ended slavery after a long, mean, bloody civil war; tamed the West; defied the insanity of Prohibition and got the laws repealed; defeated Imperial Germany, the Third Reich, and the Soviet Union; and created Twitter and the iPhone. From the hindsight of the future, Obama should be a mere mosquito, albeit one bearing a disease worse than yellow fever. From today's perspective, he could be the Antichrist and the Mongol Hordes in one convenient package, but still, we must not forget who we are.

What, then, must we conclude? Try this:

1. We are not doomed, even if Obama is re-elected in November.

2. We do not need to resort to the use of the arms which our Second Amendment gives us the right to bear, and to keep. We can, and should, keep them and as much ammo as we can get ahold of, but things will probably never get bad enough to have to use them, give or take a few trivial exceptions. (It is clear, in fact, that Obama is itching for an excuse to invoke his martial law powers.)

3. We must not be distracted by electoral tomfoolery. Sure it would be nice to have more good candidates and elect them, but the timetable for that is agonizingly slow thanks to the cunning of the Left and the cowardice and treason of the Republican Party "moderates." In my opinion, the election has already sapped too much of our energy and morale, mine included.

4. We must not fear to be radicals for capitalism. Should government schools be privatized? I now say yes! They have been totally hijacked by the Left and are beyond redemption. Should the Establishment Clause be invoked against inroads by Sharia Law, and, much worse, the Hegelian materialism and spiritualism of the Progressives? I say yes. Marxism is as much a religious establishment as Islam, and a greater threat this side of the Atlantic.

5. Most importantly, we must think clearly. We must always (always!) recognize tyranny when we see it, and even when we are forced under threat of jail time to pay our taxes or we find ourselves begging for our lives in front of our Death Panels, we must never surrender to the belief that they have "fairness" on their side.

If "fairness" is what the Left says it is, then I say the hell with it.

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