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Race-Mongering Demagogues

September 16, 2009 10:03 PM

I have decided to ban the word "racist" from my vocabulary, because it has become an all-purpose epithet uttered or screamed by "Progressives" (Communists), now essentially devoid of all meaning. Instead, I rely on two phrases which can be more clearly defined, and are therefore more useful: "racemonger" (alternatively, "race monger" or "race-monger") and "demagogue." In my opinion, a man or woman called a racist by a "Progressive" is a victim of a false charge, unless that man or woman is a racemonger, or behaves according to the beliefs of racemongers.

The Wikipedia definition of racism is "the belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race." In Democrat party discourse, and in the mainstream media, the definition seems to have metamorphosed into "racism is the belief that President Barack Hussein Obama is inexperienced, inept, and is carrying out policies harmful to the USA."

So, what is a racemonger? The day I wrote this no definition could be found either on Google or in my laptop's built-in dictionary, but googling "race monger" brings up over ten thousand hits. Try it! I believe the meaning of the word or phrase is clear. A fishmonger sells fish, an ironmonger (in the UK) runs a hardware store selling iron goods, and in the vocabulary of "Progressives," a "warmonger" tries to sell the public on the idea that war is a good thing. A racemonger, therefore, tries to sell the idea of race, for the purpose of achieving political or social goals by exploiting ignorance and prejudice.

When used by farmers a race essentially means the same thing as a "breed" of animal, or a variety of plant. A cocker spaniel is a breed, or race, of dog. An Early Girl is a variety, or race, of tomato. The whole concept of race grew along with the history of agriculture, where the characteristics of one kind of animal or plant were essential to the farmer's ability to grow, use, or sell it. You would not breed sheepdogs as lapdogs, and you would not breed pugs to herd sheep. Race, in its agricultural context, was and is a useful concept. You don't need a racemonger to sell sheepdogs as a sheep-herding animal. So what happened?

Humans are territorial creatures. It is in their DNA and it is their biological nature. They are suspicious and often fearful of strangers, outsiders, or people who appear different. This suspicion or fear is called xenophobia, not racism. However, racemongers exploit xenophobia in order to persuade others of the rightness of their cause. Would you like some examples? OK — "progressives" exploit the fear of white people among "people of color," the fear of men among women, and the fear of heterosexuals among homosexuals. All of these are examples of the exploitation of xenophobia, and, in the first instance, when race rather than sex or sexual behavior is the issue, of racemongering.

Animals of all kinds are xenophobic because it keeps them alive in the wild. Humans, however, have another capacity, the capacity to reason, which means to form concepts. This leads to a tendency to categorize, or in the language of "Progressives," to "profile".

If someone combines race-based xenophobia with the human tendency to categorize, one outcome is "racial profiling," a cardinal sin among "Progressives," who, however, are notorious racial profilers themselves. "Progressives" combine a xenophobic hatred of conservatives, especially churchgoing conservatives, with their bizarre and bogus theory of "white privilege." Thus, "Progressives" profile former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as an evil person, because she is white and because she is conservative.

Another thing that tends to make the word "racism" meaningless is the confusion of race (agriculture, remember) and nation or ethnic group. (Ethnos is just a Greek word for nation.) There is no such thing as the Mexican race, whatever the militant organization La Raza ("the race") might claim. Most Mexicans are a mixture of indigenous pre-Columbian nations ("Indians") and European settlers, with the descendants of slaves in some regions of Mexico. Mexico is a nation, and xenophobia targeting Mexicans is NOT racism. When, as I have written, illegal immigrants are exploited for the purposes of voter fraud, opposition to the voter fraud is not racism, but a quite rational and justifiable opposition to a threat to the US Constitution. "Progressives," however love to confuse the public by calling such opposition racism.

This is where the concept of demagogue comes in handy. Literally, it is a Greek word for "rabble-rouser," but of the various definitions, I like H. L. Mencken's the best: "one who will preach doctrines he knows to be untrue to men he knows to be idiots."

So there we have it: racemongering demagogues. At present, we have a lot of petty racemongering demagogues, such as the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, who preaches against white Americans, and the Jew-hating Ayatollah Ali Khamenei of Iran, who believes the Jews to be a race, not a nation, although the Jews are no more of a race than the Mexicans.

Throughout history, however, some leaders stand out as being among the worst racemongering demagogues of all time. Undoubtedly at the top of the list is Adolph Hitler, and his Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels, who preached openly, abetted by pseudo-scientific studies, that the Jews, Gypsies, Poles, Russians, ad others are separate races deserving to die due to their threat to the Master Race.

There are others, however. A much less well-known but major racemongering demagogue was King Leopold II of Belgium who was responsible for the maiming and torturing of millions of Black Africans in the Congo, with the number murdered possibly being as high as ten million!

An even less well-known racemongering demagogue was the Afghan prince Mohammad Akbar Khan, who in 1841 sucessfully led an ambush and massacre of 14,000 British troops who had been given a safe-conduct pass. One might argue that the mass murder was based on religion (the alleged Religion of Peace) or on nationality, rather than race, but in my opinion it qualifies as racemongering.

In my opinion Russia's first Czar, Ivan IV (the Terrible) should be added to the list for his conquest, suppression, and slaughter of Turkish and Mongol tribesmen (Tatars) in central Asia as he expanded the territory of the Russian Empire.

Also in my opinion, US President Andrew Jackson belongs on the list of racemongering demagogues. Jackson, a Democrat, signed into law in 1830 the Indian Removal Act, which ordered the forcible relocation of peaceful native tribes from the east side of the Mississippi River to the west, culminating, for the Cherokees, in the infamous Trail of Tears. According to Wikipedia, "Andrew Jackson and other candidates of the new Democratic Party had made Native American Removal, a major goal in the campaign of 1828." Jackson's portrait is on the US twenty-dollar bill, and to the best of my knowledge, no Democrat politician has called for the removal of a racemongering demagogue from a commonly used banknote. Politics makes for strange bedfellows.

Or, perhaps, given the amount of racemongering demagoguery emanating from today's Democrat Party, it's not so strange.

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