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PSYWAR on Two Fronts, Part 3

January 25, 2011 6:40 PM

There is a well-known saying attributed to Mao Zedong: "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." That maxim can also be reversed: "The friend of my enemy is my enemy." Tonight a propaganda ritual called the President's State of the Union Address (SOTU) once abolished by Thomas Jefferson and reinstated by Woodrow Wilson, took place and was broadcasted on television. Americans were able to see, by looking at their screens, who are the friends of their enemies. The enemies of course, are the self-labeled "Democrats," a political party hijacked by Bolsheviks. The friends of the enemies, or those who have been manipulated into appearing on television as friends of our enemies, are Republican politicians seated next to their Democrat "dates."

In Part 1 of this series, "PSYWAR on Two Fronts," I mentioned that the two fronts referenced could be Bolsheviks and America-hating Muslims, or they could be Bolsheviks ("Democrats") and Republicans allied with the "Democrats" against the Constitution, against our currency the dollar, and against our system of individual rights and free enterprise, capitalism. At the SOTU both of these fronts, "Democrats" and their Republican allies, are visible.

The PSYWAR, of course, is a propaganda war. The SOTU, like the mass political rally held in Tucson recently under the pretext of a memorial service for innocents slaughtered by a political lunatic, demonstrates the consummate skill of the Bolsheviks in the art of political propaganda, a skill so well-honed that the pro-Constitution faction in American politics appears pathetically unskilled and barely competent.

In the mass media publicity about the SOTU, it was predicted that Obama, the public face and sock puppet of the Bolsheviks, was going to preach "competitiveness," a "budget freeze", and "civility." These words are stellar examples of effective Bolshevik propaganda:

"Competitiveness" is a code word for tax-funded government subsidies to select industries run by crony capitalists, the so-called alternative energy industries. These are uncompetitive because their production of energy is very inefficient, and because US taxes and smothering regulations make their products very expensive compared to foreign industries in the same market segment.

"Budget Freeze" is a code phrase for a temporary suspension or hiding of increased spending, a reaction to the enormous electoral defeat of the "Democrats" in the House of Representatives. The "Democrats" and their Republican friends are banking on the innocence or stupidity of voters who can be conned into believing that Obama is not a big spender any more.

"Civility" is a code word for a suppression of any and all criticism of the "Democrat"-Bolshevik plan to nullify the Constitution, debase the dollar, and end all remaining traces of capitalism in the united States. It is also a sort of cue to the genuine friends of the "Democrats" in the Republican party to display their friendship and support of the "Democrat" politicians, and therefore their agenda. It is also a cue to politicians with no love lost for "Democrats," who neverthless feel intimidated enough to cave to the propaganda strategy (code-named "Date Night") promoted by "Democrats" Claire McCaskell and Morris Udall.

Tonight when we watched the SOTU, we hoped to see which Republicans, answering the call for "civility," would display their friendship or feigned friendship for anti-Constitutional politicians by sitting next to "Democrats." We would be taking names.

What should be done about the true Republican enemies of America on the second front? In my opinion, they must not be re-elected. They must, in the tradition concerning Arlen Specter, be "ex-Specterated" from the Republican Party.

There is an even better remedy for these second front enemy Republicans, one which I endorse heartily, but which I believe to be politically impossible at the present time: Impeach Them All!

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