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The Comeback Kid

January 14, 2011 5:07 PM

I haven't posted to this blog for a while, for a bunch of reasons: first, I waited for the election results. The issues were all out in the open on talk radio and over the Internet.

The overwhelming success of Republicans including some pro-Constitutional candidates caused me to ask myself if I had anything to write that wasn't written elsewhere.

On the other hand,  the wins for the Left, including the despicable Harry Reid, the reappointment of Nancy Pelosi to "Democrat" party leadership, and California's  preposterous election of Jerry Medfly Moonbeam, left me quite demoralized.  

I checked my premises, and came up with this, among other things:

Perhaps at this time I should narrow my focus. There are several themes I have written about in the past, which especially deserve my attention and that of my readers:

  1. The brilliant use of propaganda by the Bolsheviks and neo-Bolsheviks like Soros: Pro-Constitution Americans are way behind in that competition, in my view.
  2. Our unfinished business with Islam: Muslims, or nominal Muslims, are having babies faster than we in the West can catch up. Merely condemning Islam, or whitewashing Islam as the "Progressives" do, is insufficient for us to resist the threat from the Salafis, Iranian "revolutionaries," and others. We must study the history, geography, and culture of the Islamic world. In fact we must all become "experts" on Islam, and fear leaving the "expertise" to State Department bureaucrats, as Wikileaks has brutally reminded us.
  3. The single-minded commitment of the Bolsheviks to grab and monopolize all of he levers of power in America, essentially rendering the Constitution null and void: The "Democrat" party has demonstrated such a commitment brilliantly following the 2010 GOP landslide elections, while conservatives and Republican politicos are tripping all over their feet and other below-the-waist appendages.

The last of these themes reminds me that I am not the only Comeback Kid, having published this blogpost. No less a light than the part-time "conservative" media guru Charles Krauthammer has labeled Barack Hussein Obama a comeback kid. There is some truth to what Krauthammer wrote, and here is my comment:

Obama is not a leader. In essence, he is a sock puppet. He speaks for an anonymous oligarchy of Bolshevik and neo-Bolshevik intellectuals. Who wrote the many thousands of pages of the legislation that the Pelosi-Reed Congress passed in 2009 and 2010? They did, or more precisely, their legislative wonks did. The most visible member of that oligarchy is George Soros, but other members surface whenever Obama appoints a czar. Van Jones, Cass Sunstein, and, of course, Bill Ayers come to mind. However, in my opinion, none of the above are leaders either. They are part of the machine, the Bolshevik and neo-Bolshevik machine. This is not a conspiracy theory. This is fact. If you would like to research it, you can start here, here, or here.

Of course, if you find such knowledge too frightening to bear, you are free to believe that Barack Hussein Obama is not a sock-puppet, but a brilliant, exciting, transcendental historical figure, and, in fact, a fiscally responsible Hawaii-born Christian centrist. Oh, yes, and an advocate of civility and of bringing us all together. Too many Americans believe that, because it is easier than confronting the terrible truth.

What, in my opinion, does the Bolshevik and neo-Bolshevik oligarchy want? In one word, power. Power over you, me, and the entire US economy, in fact, the world economy.

Do they really want to destroy capitalism entirely, as Karl Marx recommended? In my opinion, no. At the present time what they want to do is to neutralize the US capitalist system, based on the Constitution, enough to complete their power grab, and render the Bill of Rights as inconsequential as the current Russian "bill of rights," which has 64 Articles as opposed to our puny Ten Amendments.

As Lenin's Soviets and the current Chicoms before them (and let's not forget Mussolini and the redoubtable Adolf H.), they will use crony capitalism as their tool of empire, rather than trying to establish pure communism according to Marxist doctrine. After that, they will be happy to be the rulers of a superpower, the USA, and to flex their muscles. They will have some competition, of course, from China, Salafi Muslims, and Russia.

The agenda of the neo-Bolshevik oligarchy is half-complete, in my opinion. It has allies among "progressive" Republicans. Who do we have to resist them? We have a few talk show hosts, erroneously labeled "right-wing," and we have the Republican National Commitee.

Today Michael Steele resigned from the Republican National Committee. Will his replacement have what it takes to lead our political nation to defeat the Bolshevik and neo-Bolshevik oligarchy? We will find out soon enough.

No, Barack Hussein Obama is not the Comeback Kid. The Bolsheviks have never gone away. They have been here since Lenin took over the Russian Empire, and they will be here for a long time in the future.

Liberty Rant, however, is back.

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