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Progressive Armageddon

February 1, 2011 9:18 PM

Now it's time for a little science fiction. The world seems to be moving in a direction that would make plausible a scenario that I am about to present: The Salafi Muslims allied with Iranian Islamists will have taken over half the world, the "Progressives" (Bolsheviks under new and constantly changing names) the other half. They will be fighting each other for world supremacy, in a gigantic war where no holds are barred. If there is is no one to stop them, nuclear weapons will be deployed, and the death toll will be staggering!

What brought me to such dark thoughts and apocalyptic speculation? A combination of factors: the power of Obama and his allies (he still, on the day I wrote this, commanded approval from half of America's likely voters); and the recent destabilization of Egypt, opening the door for Salafi rule via the Muslim Brotherhood. Bear in mind however, that in spite of the grimness of this scenario, I believe that there could be happy ending to this tale of catastrophe, or, better yet, that it might be prevented.

In a previous blogpost I pointed out the similarities between Salafi Islam and the ideology of the Bolsheviks, the main difference being the theism of the Salafi Muslims and the atheism of the "progressives." I personally see that difference as trivial. Another great difference seems to be geographic: the Atlantic and Pacific coastlines of Europe, Asia, and the Americas has less Muslim influence than does the heartland of Eurasia, from Turkey through Iran to the former Soviet Republics and former parts of India whose names end in "-stan."

In another previous blogpost, I speculated that the Muslims would win in an epic battle against the "Progressives." I noted that there is a power alliance between the Islamists and the leftist "Progressives," an alliance which I call the "Anti-Capitalist Jihad." I believe that it is this alliance which has agitated for the frustration and legitimate rage of the Egyptians to erupt into the streets of Cairo demanding an end to dictatorship. We realize, of course, that the same kind of rage brought the Khomeini mullahs to dominate and oppress the people of Iran; and Hamas, after being elected to power in Gaza, to dominate and oppress the hapless people of that area, which in fact, shares a border with Egypt.

What would it take for my science fiction scenario to become reality? Not all that much, in my opinion. To start, Obama would be reelected in 2012. Senators Lieberman and the Republican Susan Collins would be successful in getting legislation passed to shut down the Internet in an event of "national emergency." The "moderate" Republicans would succeed in collaborating with the "Democrats" to silence the Tea Party and embarrassing talk show hosts like Limbaugh, Beck, and Mark Levin. In Asia, Islamists would take over Egypt and consolidate their power in Turkey. The Al Qaeda faction would dominate Saudi Arabia. China and its ally North Korea would dominate the western Pacific and eventually reduce South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and the Philippines to vassal nations.

Interestingly, British writer George Orwell anticipated a scenario similar to mine in his science fiction novel, "1984," in which there was an epic war between "Oceania" and "Eurasia." (He did not mention Muslims, however.)

What, then of the happy ending? I believe that we of the West (which includes people of all continents and all nations who have been exposed to ideas which arose out of the West, but are no longer western) will do what we can to stop the Progressive Armageddon from taking place.

There are examples, of which I will put the pro-Constitution "Tea Party" at the head of the list, of individuals determined enough to fight to keep the "Progressives" and their allies the Salafi Muslims from taking over the world.

Another example: the peoples of India, a nation that was leaning left a generation ago, who would not want to be dominated either by leftists or Salafis. (This includes many of India's Muslims, who have rejected the Salafi ideology.)

Another example: the Israelis, once a left-leaning nation, relatively small in population, who are learning what would happen if Salafis took over: exile or death. Many Israelis, it seems to me, would prefer death. In my opinion, they will not go quietly.

Another example: the peoples of the former Soviet Union, including but not limited to Poles, Georgians, Hungarians, and secular Muslims, who want no part of either Sharia or Bolshevism.

Another example: Western Europeans who are fed up with the arrogance of Salafi Muslim agitators stirring up resentment among immigrants to their ancestral nations of France, Germany, Spain, England, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, and many more. These Europeans have also experienced the failures of socialism first-hand and are not enthusiastic supporters of the Left.

We have something else on our side: human nature. Many individuals love their freedom so much that they would fight for it as they are doing now. Others, unfortunately, don't want to think about unpleasant things, or are too demoralized to believe that the world is nothing but a vale of tears inevitably run by thugs. But even these two groups share a human characteristic which helps the lovers of freedom, the tendency to form factions and fight each other. That's why the Sunni and Shia Muslims are literally slaughtering each other even as I write this. That's why the Stalinists fought the Trotskyists and the Chinese Communists became the enemies of the Soviet Communists, and even closer to home, the Daily Kos crowd is already denouncing Obama as a stooge of capitalism.

My view is that we should think of all the scenarios, even the apocapalyptic ones, and then think about what we can do about it. That, if anything, is the theme of this weblog. Perhaps we can't impeach all of our enemies in public office at this time in history, but we can think about it. We can think about impeaching them all.

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