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Think Like a "Democrat"

February 23, 2010 3:12 PM

The "Democrat" Party is desperate: Obama is a disaster. A one-man train wreck. Unless the Party can turn around public opinion, it could be damaged for decades, and the Republicans, dysfunctional as they are, will dominate again, perhaps for a whole generation. What's a "Democrat" to do? To answer that question, I have to think like a "Democrat", and I have done exactly that. What have I come up with? Can I reasonably predict what the "Democrats" will be doing, starting now? I think I can…

In my opinion, the Democrats have three options. The first is completely off the table and will never happen, but I feel that it is necessary to describe it. The second option, which I call the "nuclear option," is very drastic. It is extreme, and in a word, horrendous. It is unlikely to happen, but in my view, not impossible. The third option, which I will save for last, is what I actually predict the "Democrats" will do, and, in fact, I think they might be doing it right now.

The first option is to restore the "Democrat" Party to the "liberal" party of Truman and John F. Kennedy, a fairly conservative party with mixed premises. Few "liberals" of the 1940's, 1950's, and 1960's wanted to abolish private property and install a rigid socialist regime. In fact, I believe that few of Obama's supporters today want to do that. However, to paraphrase an Oldsmobile ad from 1998, "This is not your father's Democrat Party." The "Democrats" are now a wholly owned subsidiary of a radical faction which has the goal of imposing socialism, with leisurely rest stops in the form of "temporary" fascist policies while on that road.

If the "Democrats" did implement the first option, however, how would that look? There are a few no-brainers: cut spending and taxes. Set strict limits on the ability of the trial lawyer faction to destroy businesses. Cut way back on the tribalism, respecting the fact that individuals, not "identity" groups, are what made America great. Celebrate the fact America is great, and has been since the Founding in spite of serious and tragic historical events. And there are others, but I will stop here, because, as I wrote, this option will never be enacted by our current elected "Democrats," so on to the "nuclear" option…

Brace yourselves, this is not pretty: Imagine if Obama were assassinated by a "white racist." Imagine the weeping, the wailing, the gnashing of teeth. Imagine President Joe Biden imploring America to vote for a "health care overhaul" to celebrate the memory of our first "Black" president. Imagine the crackdown and loss of civil liberties during the aftermath to "protect" America against further "right-wing" terrorism. Imagine Janet Napolitano saying "I warned you." Imagine the "emergency powers" confiscation of privately owned firearms. Imagine… but enough is enough.

As I wrote in the second paragraph, this option is very drastic, and very unlikely. Is it impossible? In my opinion, no. Are there any "Democrat" strategists or kingmakers dastardly enough to orchestrate such a scenario? A better question would be, would Joseph Stalin have been dastardly enough to have an assassin put a ice ax into the skull of Leon Trotsky? Well… But not to worry, that "nuclear option," in my opinion, is extremely unlikely, because there is another option which in fact is very likely.

I might call it the "Ross Perot" option. The strategy is simple: stir up enough dissent within Republican ranks to split the party into two parties, a renegade "liberty" third party (or several third parties, since some already exist) and the "moderate" GOP of the past century, your father's Oldsmobile GOP, as it were. Obama would easily be re-elected in 2012 and many "Progressives" might be re-elected as well.

The "Democrats" don't even need Ross Perot, they have Ron Paul. Could he ever be elected President? I don't know, but in order to do so, he would have to be supported by the whole Republican Party. My fear, and judgment, is that he could, innocently, of course, damage the chances of the Republican Party to oust "Progressives" from the White House and Congress in November, 2012.

For the record, I agree with Ron Paul on many issues, and I consider him an honorable and honest man. Is he honorable enough to refuse to take the bait, with the end result of splitting the Republican Party in the November General Election? That I don't know.

Theodore Roosevelt split the Republican Party in 1912, leading a "Progressive Party." (Since that name was too wussy for some of his fans, he nicknamed his third party the "Bull Moose" Party.) Roosevelt lost the 1912 election after being shot by a saloon-keeper who believed in term limits, and the next year he went off to explore the Brazilian rain forest.

Bear in mind that the primary election is there so that Ron Paul and others, including McCain supporter Sarah Palin, and RINO Mike Huckabee have their shot at the GOP nomination. If Ron Paul is the GOP nominee, I expect to be voting for him. Ditto Sarah Palin. The danger is something else.

Ron Paul, or someone else, having failed in the GOP primary, could carry off enough voters for a third party to destroy GOP chances to stop Obama. If I were a "Democrat" that's exactly where I would be pinning all my hopes. They have already RINOfied Scott Brown, holder of the Senate's "Kennedy Seat," getting him to vote for a typically bogus "Democrat" spending bill to "create jobs."

In my opinion, it is this strategy, the Ross Perot Option, which explains why Obama has taken an extreme stand in his Obamacare revival plans, while suckering some Republicans to attend a "summit." The goal, in my opinion, is not to win votes, but to lay the groundwork for a third party revolt. This is, in my opinion, the greatest danger to the future of America today.

Does this mean, then, that Liberty Rant is now "carrying water" for the GOP? Have I become a RINO? Have I abandoned the Barry Goldwater dictum that "extremism in defense of liberty is no vice?" Hell, no. I'm still the same guy who wrote this, and this, and this, and I still mean every word.

But the horror of a second term for Obama is almost more than I could stand.

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