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Unfinished Business

July 4, 2009 5:11 PM

I am writing this on Independence Day, 2009. I am about to leave to attend a local Tea Party. Americans are cautiously optimistic about the future of their country because Obama's poll numbers are dropping, he is increasingly unable to blame unemployment and economic stagnancy on the Bush Administration, and it is not the general nature of the American people to accept the brand of Marxist-inspired despotism which is becoming increasingly obvious to be the Obama agenda. Nevertheless, there is much work to be done. Much:

1. Educate Young Americans. This process has already begun with the publication of best-selling books, including a recent one: Mark Levin's Liberty and Tyranny. I hear through a daughter that Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged is enjoying a renaissance among the thirty-somethings.

Active education of the younger generation must continue without letup, lest the next generation of youth fall prey to demagoguery when the staggering bill for the Obama spending marathon comes due. Who will be blamed? The Jews? Bush's ghost? Private enterprise? Probably all three.

2. Clean up the Republican Party. Although Arlen Specter is gone from the party, the June, 2009 vote on the "Cap and Trade" bill in which 8 Republican congressmen had been bought off by the Democrats, the GOP will continue to be ineffective at stopping the Democrat juggernaut until is finds a way to block such betrayals. Business as usual among Republicans casts doubt on the prospects of a congressional victory in 2010.

3. Unite around Common Principles. I wrote about what I call the "Three C's - Constitution, Currency, and Capitalism," as a set of organizing principles. The Democrats, of course, would prefer to use their favorite wedge issues, abortion and homosexuality, as a tool to keep the GOP divided.

4. End Flagrant Voter Fraud. I have written about "motor voter" and the "sanctuary cities" program as a Democrat tool to keep their party in power forever. One problem is that the Democrats have succeeded in legalizing behavior (voting without proper identification, for example) which otherwise would constitute overt voter fraud.

At this point in history, it is not clear to me whether Barack Hussein Obama is a legally elected president. Hard evidence of voter fraud being unavailable, I am in the position of having to assume that Obama was legally elected. The hard evidence is unavailable, however, because Democrat legislation and other chicanery has blurred the definition of voter fraud beyond recognition.

This must be changed.

5. Enforce Constitutional Law. It is quite clear how Obama and his Democrats want to press forward with their agenda of gutting the Second Amendment. Other amendments, however, such as the Ninth (rights retained by the people) and Tenth (State sovereignty) have been already been gutted.

It is not enough for conservatives to be elected, as they were during the Bush Administration, and then to rest with the status quo. Constitutional law must be enforced actively and decisively, or the next time Democrats win an election, we will be right back where we are now.

6. Free the Schools. Elementary, secondary, and higher education has been converted into little more that indoctrination programs for the "progressive" (far-left) agenda. Academic freedom must be restored, and perhaps practices, such as academic tenure and teacher's union seniority preferences, which keep the schools in leftist hands, must be abolished.

7. Free the Press. The "mainstream media" must be repopulated with true journalists, rather than parrots and flacks for the "progressives." 'Nuff said.

So much to do in the face of the Obamacrat "progressive" juggernaut. Exhausting, isn't it?

Yes it is. Living under a perpetual tyranny, however, is exhausting too.

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